Forecight and Lacework

Forecight is a pure-play cybersecurity advisory services and technology integrator supporting organizations to mitigate risk and meet compliance obligation.

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Winning Together

Forecight is a pure–play cybersecurity advisory services and technology integrator committed to supporting organizations, governments, and educational institutions plan, build and run successful cybersecurity programs. Our consistent approach to people, processes, and technology rationalization helps manage corporate risk, compliance, and security.

Our Mission

Reframe cybersecurity as an enabler of business agility, productivity, and client confidence with measurable results.

Our Identity

From “Foresight” and “Cyber” emerge Forecight. An interdisciplinary team established to support organizations proactively foresee, prepare, and respond to future cyber-threats.

Our Expertise

Empowering cyber transformation through forces of cybersecurity to mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

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“Managing risk and compliance doesn’t have to be complex. The exponential growth of cloud computing has increased organizations volatile cyberattacks, regulatory, and compliance obligations resulting in ad-hoc efforts to mitigate risks. By leveraging the Lacework Security Platform coupled with Forecight’s certified advisory services, we have developed seamless processes to increase cloud security posture, automate compliance, and increase protection across infrastructure, applications and data running in the cloud.”

Shawn Ershad

Founder & CEO