eSentire and Lacework

eSentire is Lacework’s first global Managed Detection and Response partner. With eSentire Multi-Signal MDR for Cloud and Cloud Security Posture Management with Lacework, you get comprehensive visibility and anomaly-based threat detection across your multi-cloud infrastructure.

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On-Premises. In The Cloud. Hybrid. We’re All-In To Protect You.

It’s important to have a comprehensive cloud security solution no matter your environment. Securing your cloud environment requires both configuration and runtime protection to be successful. That’s why eSentire has brought together 24/7 Managed Detection and Response for Cloud, Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Protection.

Response Speed

We find and stop cyber threats faster than anyone.

When your business’ reputation and operations are under attack, every minute matters. Our Atlas XDR platform instantly detects and blocks threats millions of times per day. When human intuition is required, our 24/7 experts are on guard to protect you with a Mean Time to Contain of only 15 minutes.

Response Expertise

We don’t just alert you to cyber threats, we act on them.

We never throw alerts over the fence to you like other MSSPs and MDR providers. We take real ownership of protecting your business, responding to ensure cyber threats are contained and remediated, and your business operations continue to run smoothly. An attack on you, is an attack on us.

Response Coverage

We continuously protect you across your complete cyberattack surface.

Be confident your defenses are always one step ahead. Our global SOCs are home to the industry’s only 24/7 threat hunters and with eSentire’s unique multi-signal intelligence, you can sleep easy knowing that whenever and wherever a new cyber threat is detected, we’ll always respond to protect you.

eSentire + Lacework Services

24/7 Managed Detection and Response for Cloud

We detect, investigate, and respond to threats specific to multi-cloud environments leveraging our cloud-native Atlas XDR platform, proprietary MITRE ATT&CK-mapped detectors, and our 24/7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) staffed with Elite Threat Hunters and experienced Cyber Analysts.

Cloud Security Posture Management

We eliminate the risk of critical cloud misconfigurations by providing continuous cloud visibility, configuration management, asset tracking, and mapping to compliance frameworks including PCI, HIPAA, CIS, and SOC 2. Gain comprehensive visibility across your cloud infrastructure with anomaly-based threat detection and proactive, prioritized cloud threat response.

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“eSentire understands that cloud security isn’t a journey to shift left for every organization. It’s about protecting what matters most to your business because a risk is a risk, no matter where your users and data reside. This partnership with Lacework demonstrates our commitment to driving the most proactive threat response outcomes forward on behalf of our global customer base. Our message to security leaders is that you’re in the cloud, and we’re all-in to protect you.”

Rahul Bakshi

Chief Product Officer