Lacework vs. Wiz
Don’t let security put your data at risk

Agentless side scanning exfiltrates data from your environment for analysis. Lacework uses least privilege and keeps your data within your control.

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Protect more with Lacework

Point solutions can only get you so far

Cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) Security through the entire app development lifecycle
Full visibility from build time through runtime
Partial runtime coverage (K8s workloads only)
Cloud security posture management (CSPM) Uncover misconfigurations and compliance risks
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security Address risk at the earliest stage possible
Cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) Protect workloads continuously with runtime threat detection
Continuously monitor for known and unknown threats in workloads
Sensor only supports K8s workloads
Workload scanning that’s secure by default Safely find and prioritize vulnerabilities within your own unique environment
Carefully architected platform to ensure your data is secure by default
Product requires permission to snapshot and copy your data into their cloud account for scanning
A mature, optimized, time-proven agent Have full visibility into cloud runtime activity
Time-proven agent supports nearly 20 different environments
No continuous runtime visibility
Audit log analysis, without painful rules Monitor user and resource activity through cloud audit logs
Analyzes and correlates cloud audit logs to uncover issues, no manual rules required
Audit log ingestion, also referred to as Cloud Detection and Response (CDR), requires rules and signatures
Behavior-based threat detection Find all suspicious behavior in your cloud, uncovering zero day threats
Pinpoints deviations from your unique environment’s baseline in near real-time
Requires rules, which lead to noise
Custom vulnerability scoring Reduce vulnerability noise with a custom risk score
Gaps in runtime visibility and does not prioritize based on a unique cloud environment
Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) Prioritize identity risks, while detecting identity-based attacks
Lacework surfaces your riskiest cloud identities, while using anomaly detection to pinpoint identity-based threats
Wiz focuses on identity risk but lacks identity threat capabilities
Customers love Lacework

3 reasons why customers choose Lacework over Wiz

Private by design and by default

Wiz sends snapshots out of a customer environment for analysis, expanding the attack surface. Lacework agentless workload scanning is private by design and by default and doesn’t exfiltrate your data.

A partner that scales alongside you

Although Wiz is a simple solution
for identifying risk, the data-driven
Lacework platform is designed to
support customers for the long
term as they mature their cloud
security practice.

Out with point solutions. In with data-driven platforms

With a single, comprehensive CNAPP
solution, Lacework delivers security
from code to cloud — no rule-writing
required. Teams can finally reach
operational nirvana.

Make everything you build cloud secure

Stop costly mistakes at the source

Fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they hit production. Add security checks early in development, including infrastructure as code (IaC) scanning. Empower developers to scan locally, in registries, and CI/CD while building, at scale.

Develop code with security built in

Know your cloud and its weak spots

Deploy agentlessly to understand cloud risks in minutes. Get instant visibility into what’s deployed, how it’s configured, and pinpoint vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. We scan everything – workloads, container images, hosts, and language libraries – so no secret can hide.

Shine a light on what’s running

Prioritize your most exploitable risks

Tie together risk factors — vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, network reachability, secrets, and more — to see how attackers can compromise your cloud. Automatically connect with insights into what’s happening in runtime to prioritize critical risks, investigate faster, and even see suggestions for remediation.

Uncover cloud account compromise

Our patented Polygraph® technology continuously learns your normal to root out suspicious and unusual behavior. Data-driven monitoring reveals compromise and the resulting blast radius. Rich context helps you quickly understand what happened, how, and where to fix it. Our patented approach not only automates threat detection, but can also significantly reduce your SIEM ingest costs too.

Find threats known and unknown

Continuously protect critical applications and environments with our workload and container security agent. Find new risks lurking in production and understand changes in behavior. Our data-driven approach connects the dots to detect known and unknown threats – even zero day attacks. And do it all automatically without endless rule writing and deep security expertise required.

Fewer tools. Faster outcomes. Better security.


See value in less than 1 week

2 – 5

Average tools replaced


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