Cloud Security Assessment for AWS

Get a free audit of your AWS environment to reveal and prioritize vulnerabilities, compliance violations, exposed secrets, and more.

What’s included

Assess your cloud risk, risk-free

Experience a taste of the Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform, with only 5 minutes of setup time.

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Your FREE assessment includes:

  • Painless deployment through CloudFormation
  • Visibility into a wide variety of cloud risks
  • Insight into behaviors occurring in your cloud environment
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Frequently asked questions

What happens once I sign up for the assessment?

After receiving a confirmation email, we’ll send you a CloudFormation template that will connect your single environment to the Lacework platform in a read-only fashion. After running the template, the platform will process the findings and will send you a downloadable report within 48 hours.

What does the CloudFormation template do?

The template sets up new resources in your AWS account that allow the Lacework platform to scan for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. These new resources include read-only cross-account roles, Lambda functions, and Margate tasks. At any time, you can delete the CloudFormation stack to remove all the resources.

What data sources are being processed?

The Lacework platform processes CloudTrail management events, cloud resource configuration, and host and container vulnerability data. More information on how the platform processes and protects data can be found here.