Your data, our priority: Inside Lacework and Securiti’s intelligent approach to enterprise data security

Erin K. BanksJanuary 23, 20244 min read


If you haven’t heard, today Lacework and Securiti came together to form a strategic partnership that joins two leading technology companies. Our goal is to provide cloud security and data security capabilities that solve unmet needs. We heard from our customers that more information and end-to-end visibility means greater insight into your multicloud environment — and we couldn’t agree more. You will soon have the ability to prioritize your risk based on Lacework security findings and the sensitivity of data determined by the Securiti Data Command Center. With this partnership, you will be able to protect sensitive data in the cloud with the ability to identify your highest priority risks, focus on high-impact threats, address investigations with confidence, and improve your prioritization and remediation. 

Why Securiti? 

When we decided to partner with Securiti, we did not want a partner that would just provide “check-box” data security. We wanted holistic data security that mirrors how we think of cloud security. We wanted a partner that provides end-to-end data security capabilities, from cloud to on-prem and SaaS, for data at-rest and in-motion. Security is not just for a moment in time but a continuous journey that is always evolving. We also wanted a data security solution that enables organizations to reduce data breach risk, ensure secure data sharing, and improve data privacy and compliance while reducing cost and complexity of building data controls. We knew this was not possible by focusing only on data discovery and classification. The solution needed to focus on remediation, data access governance, data privacy, data flows, and unified data controls. We found this partner in Securiti.


A strategic partnership between Lacework and Securiti provides improved visibility for my team, helping us focus on defined risk instead of our perception of risk. We’re a custodian of sensitive data and this delivers an important added visibility layer that allows us to prioritize our efforts on risk that could impact our customers and their data the most.

David Christensen, Chief Information Security Officer of PlanSource

More visibility with data security posture management

Our first planned integration with Securiti is focused on data security posture management (DSPM). Combining DSPM and cloud security posture management (CSPM) provides you with fuller and greater visibility in your risks and threats. For instance, think about our attack path analysis. This capability gives you visibility into connected risks and the assets that would be most affected. Now imagine taking this information further and adding in your sensitive data that is in the cloud storage. The integration of the data classification from Securiti and our sophisticated attack path analysis unlocks a brand new capability to truly understand the risk between your applications, your data stores, and your network.

“By enabling security teams to see the relationships between applications and services, and the sensitive data they directly access, we can provide a much more informed view of risk,” said Jay Parikh, CEO of Lacework. “Adding the freshness and accuracy of Securiti’s best-of-breed DSPM capabilities to the Lacework platform allows for intelligent visibility that helps teams understand the complex linkage between data and applications. We’re excited to deliver this to our customers with Securiti.”

If you are not familiar with DSPM, here are some high-level concerns that DSPM addresses:

  • What sensitive data do we have, and where is it located?
  • Who has access to the data, and what level of permissions do they have?
  • What is the lineage of the data, and how has it transformed over time?
  • Which misconfigurations could expose sensitive data in the cloud, and how can we identify and fix them?

I personally found some of the blogs on the Securiti site incredibly helpful for adding more context. For instance, here are a couple of blogs that I have enjoyed reading: 

This is an exciting partnership for us and one that will continue to evolve and mature to provide even richer benefits for customers. If you would like to learn more, reach out to your Lacework representative or contact us.

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