Views from a Fractional CISO delivering complete security: A conversation with Aruneesh Salhotra

Lacework EditorialJune 15, 20232 min read

Do you know what a fractional CISO is?

Tune into our latest episode of the Code to Cloud Podcast as we sit down with Aruneesh Salhotra, a seasoned Fractional CISO with 22 years of diverse tech experience, to hear all about what his job entails. In an enlightening conversation with our host, Andy Schneider, Aruneesh talks about protecting critical IP source codes, selecting appropriate security solutions based on unique company needs, and the transformational shift-left approach he’s advocating in the industry.

Listen to the Code to Cloud podcast to hear Aruneesh’s thoughts on: 

  • Do security practitioners today need to know how to write code?
  • What makes a good security leader?
  • Which cloud security challenges are newly emerging and critical?
  • Why should companies shift left?
  • What areas can security leaders improve in?

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AruneeshAbout Aruneesh: Aruneesh Salhotra is a Fractional-CISO who is an experienced Technologist/Generalist and Servant Leader with Expertise in Development, DevSecOps, Cyber Security, PMO, Infrastructure, Kubernetes, and Technical Sales. He has a suite of professional certifications that includes C-CISO, CISSP, CKA/CKAD, AWS Security Specialist, and PMP. He also serves on multiple advisory boards, including VirSec, Strategio, ICPS, and Dazz, providing valuable counsel and contributing to critical decisions on issues ranging from cybersecurity and diversity to business strategy and growth. He has received numerous awards and recognition for presenting, serving as a panelist, and authoring content for prominent industry events such as ADDO, Elevate, Ignite, QA Forum, RFG, SINET, PBC, Tech Trek, and beyond.


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