Unpacking security theater: Insights from Alberto Silveira, Head of Engineering at LawnStarter

Lacework EditorialJune 29, 20232 min read

Our newest episode of Code to Cloud features an interview with Alberto Silveira, Head of Engineering at LawnStarter, a marketplace for outdoor home services. Alberto has more than 20 years of experience in software development, having served in leadership positions at companies like OnDeck, Amplify, and Kaplan.

Tune in to the Code to Cloud podcast to hear Alberto’s thoughts on: 

  • Organizing teams around the shared goal to drive the business forward
  • Infusing good security practices throughout the organization
  • How to deliver more than just “security theater”

Listen to the full episode:

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AlbertoAbout Alberto: Alberto Silveira is Head of Engineering at LawnStarter. He joined the company in August of 2020, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in software development. Alberto previously was Head of Engineering at Schoology, Senior Director of Software Engineering at OnDeck, Technical Leader at Amplify, Technical Leader at Kaplan, Senior Software Engineer Architect and Team Lead at Montefiore Information Technology. In nearly all of those roles, Alberto has led distributed teams — teams with members working together across time zones and around the world. That experience led Alberto to write a book about how to lead team members who aren’t together in one office or headquarters.



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