Three reasons why we’re excited about Google Cloud Next ‘24

Erin K. BanksApril 4, 20243 min read

Tech conferences are by far my favorite. To some people this might seem strange, but I think they can be one of the best experiences for your career. OK, that might be pushing it, but here are three reasons why we are excited about the next big tech conference: Google Cloud Next ‘24.

1. The people: Eager to learn

I get it, tech people have a reputation for being somewhat introverted. BUT when a group of like-minded individuals comes together for a few days, something magical happens. When we’re all in one place, focused on amazing technology, it becomes all about the desire to learn and gain greater insight. As we discovered at Google Cloud Next last year, the attendees are eager to learn about the latest tech innovations and what makes them unique. It was really great to meet our customers and prospects face-to-face and show them the Lacework multicloud platform so they get a chance to see how we can change their lives, securely, in the cloud.

2. The tech: Built to make your life easier

I know that the expo floor can be overwhelming — yet the technological advancements spurred by cloud evolution always blow my mind. I am not sure we understood all the new technology that would be built from this migration to the cloud. I personally am here for it though. Because of this, I highly recommend stopping by the expo and checking out the demos. Tech should be built to make your life easier, which is one of the main reasons why you are in the cloud. So take the time to visit the expo floor. You might be surprised with what you see. 

3. In-person Lacework demos: See our latest innovations

Last year, this conference proved a huge success for us as it gave us the opportunity to engage directly with Google Cloud customers. We talked about multicloud risk prevention and threat detection, as well as our service layer on Google Cloud, offering our customers even more choices. This year, we are excited about the opportunity to talk to Google Cloud customers about our amazing technology innovations like cloud identity and entitlement management (CIEM), our Google Cloud Composite Alerts (my personal favorite), and our enhanced threat detection capabilities. We do threat detection differently. We have the ability to detect and respond with the information and context that enables you to respond quickly and effectively, and we do this without having to write rules. Machine learning and behavioral analysis in the Lacework platform allows you to focus on what truly matters, responding quickly with context. Why does this matter? Not only is this important in the day-to-day cloud struggles, but it is increasingly more important for complying with new regulations like EU NIS2 and DORA, and US SEC cyber-incident reporting. Even the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has provided recent CISA guidance on persistent threat actors. The fact is, no one does it like we do… no one!

And this is the first time we will show our brand-new Lacework Security Dashboards and Lacework Explorer to the public. If you are at Google Cloud Next this year, you’ll definitely want to stop by booth #642 and learn how we can protect your cloud.

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