The keys to managing identity risk: Insights from Craig Riddell, Field CISO at Netwrix

Lacework EditorialAugust 10, 20231 min read

This episode of Code to Cloud features an interview with Craig Riddell, Field CISO at Netwrix Corporation, a provider of data security solutions for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud IT environments. Host Tim Chase and Craig discuss managing third party permissions, how your tools are only as good as your implementation of them, and why a single daily identity authentication isn’t enough. Watch the full episode below: 

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craigAbout Craig: Craig Riddell is Field CISO at Netwrix Corporation. He is a multiple award-winning Director and Strategist in Identity and Access Management. Craig joined Netwrix in January 2023. Prior to joining Netwrix, Craig was responsible for all of Identity at HP. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience around modernizing identity solutions while reducing costs and improving security. Outside of work Craig is an avid reader, semi-retired rugby player and loves spending time with his wife and daughter. Craig is based in Houston, Texas.


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