Ready to build a CISO board bio? Here are the top 5 things to know

Lacework EditorialOctober 11, 20233 min read

Here’s a hard truth: 90% of Russell 3000 firms and 91% of Fortune 500 companies are operating without strong cybersecurity representation in their boardrooms. For CISOs, this gap represents a pivotal opportunity. But just recognizing the opportunity isn’t enough. Standing out among peers and pinpointing the right board for you isn’t always so straightforward. A well-crafted board bio is your ticket to distinguishing yourself. Here are five things you need to know to build a concise but impactful bio that showcases the cybersecurity expertise these boardrooms need.

1. The board bio: More than just a resume

There’s a resume. And then there’s a board bio. While resumes delve deep into your work history and achievements, board bios are a highlight reel. They emphasize your strategic contributions, leadership acumen, and the distinct value you’d bring to the board. It’s a succinct, compelling narrative of your professional milestones and your potential boardroom contributions.

2. Carve out your unique value proposition

Ask yourself, “What makes me stand out?” Boards look for CISOs who can not only grasp the nuances of cybersecurity but also anticipate emerging trends, manage risks, and seamlessly bridge tech and business objectives. Whether it’s your expertise in leading digital transformations, your mastery over risk mitigation, or your rich industry connections, you need to explain what makes you indispensable.

3. Tell your story

Your board bio is an encapsulation of your professional narrative. It should weave through your key achievements, key challenges faced, and significant milestones conquered. Remember: Boards are interested in the story behind the CISO, not just a list of accomplishments. Make sure your narrative aligns with the values and goals of the board. If it doesn’t seem to be a match, consider focusing your efforts on a different board instead. 

4. Focus on the impact you’ve made

Your board bio is the platform to spotlight your major accomplishments. Introduced transformative cybersecurity strategies? Gained global applause for thinking out-of-the-box? Sat at the boardroom roundtable before? Now’s the time to share those wins — but don’t just list them, focus on sharing the impact you made.

5. Bios aren’t one-size-fits-all

When it comes to board bios, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. Tailor your bio to resonate with specific boards. Personalize to resonate with each board’s unique culture and challenges. Always keep in mind who is actually reading your bio and what they care about.

Ready to join a board? 

Boards need your security expertise. As you gear up to help them and as you’re looking for boards that are the best fit for you, remember: Your board bio is a testament to your professional journey, a reflection of your expertise, and a beacon for your future strategic engagements.

Ready to join a board? Fill out this form. We’re accepting submissions for the second edition of the Modern CISO Network: Board Book until October 19.  

And if you’re looking for more resources to help you build a bio, we’ve got you covered: 

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