Oktoberfest meets cybersecurity: Let’s raise a stein to those who keep the cloud secure

Lacework EditorialOctober 2, 20232 min read

As Oktoberfest wraps up and we kick off Cybersecurity Awareness Month, there’s no better time to enjoy the festive spirit of Oktoberfest while also celebrating the hard work and achievements of cybersecurity champions worldwide. 

We often hear about the cyber threats and looming challenges faced by organizations. But today, let’s take a moment to toast the tireless individuals working behind the scenes, ensuring the safety of our data. To the unsung heroes of cybersecurity: Threats down, bottoms up!

To start Cybersecurity Awareness Month off on a high note, it’s only fitting to celebrate a few of the positive recent developments within the industry: 

📈 Most business and tech professionals say that cybersecurity is getting better both in general and within their organizations. Businesses are also beginning to consider cybersecurity as a critical function. 

🤖 Organizations are finding generative AI helpful in managing cybersecurity tasks like monitoring network activity and analyzing user behavior. According to a Forbes survey, 97% of business owners believe ChatGPT will help their business. 

📋 New regulations, including the SEC’s cybersecurity rules and the EU’s Network and Information Security (NIS 2) Directive, are steps toward more informed, consistent, and effective cybersecurity risk management and disclosure. 

🛑 We’re now seeing proactive law enforcement actions against cyber threats. The FBI thwarted a ransomware group targeting hospitals, preventing victims from a financial loss of $130 million in potential ransom payments. 

🔄  Cybersecurity processes are becoming a part of everyday business workflows, making security a consideration in functional decisions.

🎓  There’s a big focus on training staff on cybersecurity, with 50% of firms utilizing internal training and 43% supporting staff in getting cybersecurity certifications.

In the spirit of learning, we’ve put together this short cloud security Oktoberfest quiz

Share your priorities and “wurst” threats for a chance to win a limited edition collectible Oktoberfest-in-a-box experience. 

Happy Oktoberfest and a secure Cybersecurity Awareness Month to all!



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