Time matters: New innovations from Lacework free up valuable hours for security teams

Lacework EditorialApril 1, 20244 min read

Ask any security team about their number one challenge, and you’ll quickly realize that no two answers are exactly the same. 

While they might share a common goal, their daily priorities and struggles show just how varied their world is. Whether they’re containing incidents, fixing vulnerabilities, or keeping up with the latest cybersecurity and privacy regulations, one thing unites them all: the pressing need for more time. 

With our new platform capabilities, we’re addressing that very issue, freeing up crucial time for everyone from CISOs to the security analysts on the frontline. Here’s how we’re making it happen. 

Lacework Explorer: Make sense of your cloud connections

The time thief: Understanding the relationships among risks and threats (much less prioritizing them) can be difficult and time consuming — especially when you’re dealing with massive data sets. But to effectively manage your network of resources, it’s critical to understand how each is connected in the cloud, and the potential impact in case of a compromise.

Our solution: Lacework Explorer combines a security graph (i.e., a graphical visualization of cloud assets) and resource explorer to show the complex relationships and associations among all of the resources and services in your cloud environment. With simple, interactive visuals, Lacework Explorer helps users quickly understand and prioritize the potential risk associated with each entity or resource.

Why your team will love it: Lacework Explorer makes it easy to understand your security data and instantly visualize how the various assets in your cloud can affect each other. With this new feature, you can: 

  • Get quick and visual answers to complex personalized questions
  • See how attackers could navigate among hosts, containers, and Kubernetes services within your clouds
  • Understand how risks could be exploited to gain access to critical resources and data
  • Explore the permissions and authorized actions between resources and services

Best of all, you can do all this without needing to stitch together data and findings from different sources. 

Prioritizing risks in your cloud environment requires understanding the interconnections and anticipating how an entity compromise or vulnerability exploitation could impact business operations. Lacework Explorer illuminates these pathways and also identifies active threats potentially exploiting these risks, giving customers a comprehensive view with the full context needed to perform thorough security investigations.”

— Naveen Bibinagar, Product Manager, Lacework


New dashboards: Reliable security intel at your fingertips

The time thief: The pressure is on for senior security leaders like CISOs to maximize budgets, demonstrate ROI on their security investments, and quickly and regularly report progress to C-suites or boards. On top of that, you’re expected to make quick decisions when it comes to security incidents. Gathering the information you need to do all of these things can be incredibly time consuming when you’re using multiple disparate security tools. 

Our solution: Lacework Security Dashboards provide security leaders immediate insights into how their security program is tracking against its overall goals and gives them the granular visibility to assess progress at the individual business, team, or functional levels within their organizations. 

Why your team will love it: These new dashboards allow security leaders to:

  • Instantly assess the performance and effectiveness of cloud security and compliance programs
  • Understand how individual business units perform against security goals and objectives
  • Demonstrate progress and ROI of security investments like programs or tools 
  • Identify areas of opportunity for additional investment or oversight


The new dashboard highlights the information we care about most, offering customizable and discrete views for specific metrics. This enhancement enables us to make better decisions, faster.

Patrick Linnane, Senior Director, Information Security Operations, Emburse

Context Panels: Click for clarity

The time thief: When you’re investigating and containing cloud threats, every second matters. The details you need to complete your alert investigations shouldn’t be difficult to find. 

Our solution: Lacework Context Panels give you the details you need to quickly triage alerts, enabling you to view related entities and content without losing sight of the alert’s context. 

Why your team will love it: Context Panels provide more clarity and context, right in the alert. Instead of wasting time tracking down details, you can act quickly and focus on protecting your company.

K8s Composite Alerts: Catch the credential crooks

The time thief: No one likes being bombarded with thousands of alerts — it’s nearly impossible to pay attention to them all, and it’s far too easy for important signals to get lost in the shuffle. 

Our solution: Lacework Composite Alerts detect hard-to-uncover malicious activity by automatically tying together multiple indicators of suspicious activity into a single, reliable alert. Our new Kubernetes Composite Alerts help detect early signs of potential Kubernetes user and service account credential compromise that would likely go unnoticed, by automatically combining and analyzing signals from multiple sources like threat intelligence information and raw Kubernetes audit logs. 

Why your team will love it: Composite Alerts save threat hunters invaluable time by reducing the burden of chasing thousands of low-level signals and combining specific indicators of compromise into highly accurate alerts with the necessary context to investigate the highest priority events quickly. 

With Lacework, your time is well spent

Time matters in cloud security. At Lacework, we never stop looking for new ways to help customers stay secure while managing risks and threats as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Want to see our platform in action? Get started and explore Lacework with our free trial.

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