Meet the 50 CISOs to Watch in 2024

Lacework EditorialJanuary 17, 202415 min read

Lacework is proud to present our second annual list of 50 CISOs to Watch, a compilation of the most visionary and effective cybersecurity leaders in the industry.

In a field driven by constant change, what sets a cybersecurity leader apart? Beyond technology, it’s their adaptability, creative problem-solving, and commitment to progress. The 50 CISOs to Watch in 2024 exemplify this. With new cybersecurity regulations like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) four-day incident reporting requirement and high-profile legal cases, the accountability and risk associated with CISOs’ roles have intensified. Recognizing the increasing challenges yet often underappreciated role of these professionals, we launched the 50 CISOs to Watch initiative last year to celebrate the CISOs demonstrating outstanding technical and leadership qualities. Now, we’re excited to continue the tradition for a second year. 

The 50 CISOs to Watch in 2024 are shaping the future of cybersecurity with every decision they make. Not only are these CISOs problem solvers, negotiators, and mentors, but they’re also consultants, strategic thinkers, technical experts, educators, and crisis managers. They’re the ones making tough decisions in the boardroom, leading the charge in cybersecurity operations, simplifying technical concepts, and guiding companies through high-pressure situations. What truly distinguishes these CISOs is their nuanced understanding of AI and emerging technologies and ability to embrace change. 

Meet the 50 CISOs to Watch in 2024.

Ami Dave Bansal is renowned for her innovative cybersecurity approaches and unique expertise that spans from healthcare to sports betting. As CISO at Fanatics, Ami is building out an entire security program from scratch to meet the needs of a highly regulated and fast-growing betting and gaming business. A mentor at heart, Ami champions womens’ entry into cybersecurity.

Dr. Anand Singh blends exceptional cybersecurity leadership with academic brilliance. Instrumental in Alkami’s IPO success, he expertly scaled their security for rapid industry growth. Nationally recognized, Anand’s keynotes and CISO consortiums greatly influence cybersecurity. He’s also dedicated to promoting safe online practices among children.

Andrew Heighington offers a wealth of experience in global security and cloud solutions. His tenure includes roles at the Department of Defense, JPMorgan Chase, and Bank of America. He’s a sought-after speaker on translating security risks into business insights. His free weekly newsletter equips IT leaders with essential tools and insights for securing digital assets in the AI era. Andrew is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Arun, a dynamic IT leader with over 15 years of experience in diverse sectors, masterfully bridges technology and business. His expertise in security, network, and server management fuels exceptional process and systems efficiency, aligning tech services with organizational goals. Arun’s hands-on approach and strategic vision make him indispensable in finance, media, and consulting.

Bill Bowman is a pivotal figure in global FinTech cybersecurity. He excels in security, risk, compliance, and privacy, having established cybersecurity practices in four companies. Renowned for balancing risk reduction and business growth, Bill’s expertise in global security management and various ISO standards sets the bar high.

Founder of CyberTech/EdTech startup Cyttraction, Carolin helps people understand strategic IT security and technical data protection. With a unique blend of political science, computer engineering, and two decades of digital expertise, Carolin is reshaping risk training and expanding globally. Carolin is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Catrena Slaughter, CISO at Mars Wrigley, is a cybersecurity trailblazer and diversity champion. With expertise in secure digital systems and transformative leadership at Mars Inc., she’s a powerful advocate for STEM in underrepresented communities. Catrena, balancing motherhood and career, is reshaping cybersecurity with her commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Chris Betz, AWS CISO, is revolutionizing cloud security with a focus on AI, customer trust, and the Zero Trust model. His unique perspective as a former Capital One CISO and AWS customer fuels his commitment to building trust and partnership in cloud security. With a history at Apple and Microsoft, he’s excited about AI’s transformative impact and is passionate about making security a business accelerator.

Chris, a former U.S. Marine and White House cyber executive, is an expert in aligning IT strategy with security and data protection and managing IT and security teams, covering operations to cryptography. His role at the National White Collar Crime Center as a computer crimes specialist highlights his expansive cyber expertise.

Christina Bray builds and matures information technology, security, and risk programs for billion-dollar industry leaders. As a transformative technology leader, Christina established a cybersecurity function for a $3 billion company from scratch, demonstrating deep compliance expertise and a forward-thinking approach in integrating AI-based cybersecurity solutions.

Dan Maslin leads with a unique blend of cybersecurity expertise and academic involvement. As Group CISO for Monash University, Dan established and maintains the vision, strategy, and transformation program for a complex global organization that garners $2.8 billion in annual revenue and is ranked among the top 50 universities globally. Dan is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

David Barker, VP at Reorg, is a cybersecurity innovator specializing in compliance, code, and cloud security. Skilled in SaaS, IoT, and AR, David aligns security strategies with business goals, ensuring customer trust. His leadership in security culture and embracing new technologies marks him as a pioneer in cybersecurity and cloud innovations.

Dawn-Marie, an IT executive and thought leader, boasts 20+ years in transformative global leadership. Currently Group CISO at BAT, She’s directed a $350 million program, achieving a £31 billion divestiture with Pfizer and saved £13 million in global security. Dawn-Marie’s knack for integrating cyber risk models and application rationalization has saved millions, showcasing her skill in balancing aggressive business goals with robust security.

Deshard Stevens excels in aligning technology with business strategies. Recognized for integrating advanced cybersecurity measures in public sector IT, he’s a leader in transformational initiatives.

Elena drives the strategic direction of Zillow, safeguarding its technology assets and fostering a culture of security excellence. Elena is an innovative thinker leveraging tools and technologies to ensure safe and secure engagements for business partners, product owners, and customers.

Elin stands out as a dynamic CISO, renowned for her adept problem-solving project management skills. Her broad expertise covers everything from information security to crisis management. Elin excels in guiding teams towards pragmatic solutions that generate tangible value.

Glenn Ford is an expert in application security and multi-cloud environments. He masterfully secures applications across global, multi-billion dollar enterprises. His innovative strategy empowers teams with cutting-edge training and tools. His adherence to top security standards and successful management of diverse technologies mark him as a CISO to watch.

Known for modernizing security functions, Grant excels in simplifying complex issues for all organizational levels. He leads a skilled security team, showcasing his talent in balancing the intricacies of healthcare technology and privacy. Grant’s background includes impactful roles at Verisure and in financial services, coupled with a rich consultancy experience at EY and Deloitte. Grant is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Greg, a visionary in information security and tech, revolutionized the NHL with its first infosec program and a cutting-edge SaaS transition. A master in DevOps, cloud architecture, and digital transformation, he’s known for rapid, impactful projects like eMusic’s 30-day launch. As Expel’s CISO, he keeps customers educated on the threat landscape and latest techniques for mitigating risk in their environments. Greg’s expertise makes him an invaluable asset in technology strategy and security.

Heather is a technical visionary, expertly bridging business requirements with innovative tech solutions. Known for her clear communication and problem-solving acumen, she excels in cloud and security architecture. Heather’s leadership in integrating cutting-edge technologies and driving team consensus showcases her passion and expertise in shaping the future of technology.

Jenny Dho, a visionary CISO with over 15 years in IT, excels in tailoring risk management and security strategies. At SSENSE, she’s crafting an ironclad security framework for a global luxury e-commerce platform. Jenny’s unique sector-spanning experience and commitment to mentoring IT professionals make her an influential figure in the tech landscape. Jenny is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Jessica is a technical security luminary, leading in legal tech with a focus on risk management, incident response, and DevSecOps. She expertly aligns security with ISO 27001, NIST, and OWASP standards, excelling in safeguarding assets and minimizing risks. Her standout trait is communicating complex concepts while leading global high-performing teams. Jessica is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Skilled in steering teams to exceed goals, Jesús excels in executing corporate strategies with finesse. His international experience across sectors like logistics and oil & gas, coupled with his expertise in IT security and data analytics, marks him as a dynamic leader to watch. With a multilingual and multicultural background, Jesús is redefining information security on a global scale.

Jonny combines his extensive background in operations and solution engineering and with his broad security expertise to transform, change, and future-proof large-scale cloud infrastructures and SaaS business operations. His leadership in technology due diligence notably contributed to a successful $200 million Series D funding round at Paddle.

Karen Holmes is a strategic force in cybersecurity, infrastructure, and compliance at Brightcove. At the helm of an international corporation, she skillfully integrates cybersecurity, infrastructure architecture, education and awareness, and identity and access management. Her transparent, collaborative leadership style enables her to effectively engage with stakeholders across all organizational levels.

Throughout her career as an information security leader at global organizations ranging from $20 million to $5.6 billion, Karine has overseen, advised, and mentored teams of up to 50 employees. Karine’s expertise in establishing robust infrastructures has significantly contributed to accelerating business growth and securing market share.

As a top-tier digital transformation and security executive at a leading financial services company, Kelli has a unique approach to working with the people around her, focused on communication, engagement, and recognition. A champion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Kelli keeps an eye out for the underrepresented and looks for ways to help them reach their full potential.

Kevin Tham balances user-centric design with effective controls in the digital banking sector. Starting as a security researcher in the late 90s, he has progressively ascended through various roles, championing the implementation of strong security controls at a time when their importance was often underestimated. Recognized for his innovative approach to fintech security, he’s a leader in secure mobile banking solutions.

With over 20 years in the field, Kevin Winter is currently the Global CISO at Deloitte. Prior to joining Deloitte, Kevin was the Global Chief Information Officer for Booz Allen Hamilton where he had oversight for 95 offices in 18 countries. Before that, he was the CISO for a CSRA, a large government contractor, where he built out the organization’s first cyber department.

Kwadjo Nyante is a renowned leader in cybersecurity and cryptography, known for pioneering a cryptographically robust self-sovereign identity framework using blockchain and coining the term “reverse ransomware attack.” In less than five years, Kwadjo rose from a junior security engineer to CISO before 30.

Manju has served in impactful positions as CISO of Splunk, Security Lead at Apple, in addition to roles at RSA, Ernst & Young, and Bank of America. She has helped secure world-renowned products like bank ATMs, iTunes, and iMessage and played a crucial role in Yahoo’s recovery from a massive breach. Manju champions workforce education and female representation in tech.

As CISO at YAGEO Group, Michael leads a high-performing security team that supports 40,000 employees across more than 20 countries. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for process improvement and driving efficiency while containing costs, he has a verifiable history of contributing directly to company growth and expansion. Michael is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Michael Lyborg, CISO at Swimlane, focuses on automating security operations and streamlining processes. His 20+ years in cybersecurity, IT, and consulting infuse the company with invaluable expertise and a drive for innovation. Michael’s forte includes FedRAMP, third-party risk management, network defense, and forensic investigations. Before joining Swimlane, Michael was a head of security for the Fortune 100 fastest growing pharmaceutical company Heska.

Michael Schrank is passionate about positioning information security as a business enabler, prioritizing pragmatic solutions, and eliminating security process bureaucracy. He has extensive experience managing major IT outsourcing deals and providing advisory services for startups and scale-ups. Michael is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Nathan Morelli’s cybersecurity leadership is distinguished by his focus on identity management, penetration testing, and developing a proactive, risk-based security strategy. Nathan has been a vocal advocate for cybersecurity in the energy sector, highlighting the importance of securing critical infrastructure. Nathan is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Ngozi is a cybersecurity luminary with a track record of elevating the cybersecurity posture of Fortune 500 companies. With expertise honed at the Federal Reserve and ADP, coupled with strategic roles at Equifax and beyond, Ngozi is a CISO to watch. Ngozi’s commitment extends beyond corporate walls, actively contributing to cyber safety education.

Nicole is adept at leading enterprise-level technology and compliance-based initiatives geared at enhancing security, reducing process inefficiencies, and introducing automation or cutting-edge technology. Nicole is widely recognized for her diverse skills that can navigate various disciplines within IT including AWS cloud technologies, on-premise infrastructure, and SaaS applications.

Nuno boasts a diverse background spanning the Big Four, startups, FinTechs, and global Fortune 500 giants. He’s a master at building security teams from the ground up and enhancing standards, regulations, and compliance programs. Nuno’s executive-level experience, international certifications, and regulatory liaisons make him a standout CISO. Nuno is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Param Vig is an expert at aligning IT solutions with business strategies across industries like health, energy, water, food, and machinery. Param has been instrumental in integrating advanced cybersecurity measures into 3M’s manufacturing processes, setting a new standard in the industry. Param has built and expanded large global teams, retaining talent in emerging markets.

Patrick Beggs has a track record of attracting and developing top talent to succeed in critical cyber operational roles. Adept at directing multi-national teams and administering multi-million dollar budgets, he diligently protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ConnectWise’s data and information systems.

At CubeSmart, Paul Lynch’s visionary leadership in transforming organizations into cyber-compliant entities is marked by his expertise in security, compliance, and infrastructure, showcasing his ability to manage and guide teams toward exceptional performance. Before this, he spearheaded digital transformation and security governance at the American Board of Internal Medicine, a testament to his visionary leadership. Paul is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Philip Owen, with a distinguished 28-year career in British Government diplomacy, intelligence, and security, brings a unique international perspective to delivering world-class health services in Canada and globally. Philip has been involved in several international cybersecurity diplomatic initiatives and was the first CISO at Tesco Bank, where he built a team of more than 70 professionals. Philip is featured in the Modern CISO Network: Board Book as a board-ready cybersecurity leader.

Poornima DeBolle is recognized for her pioneering work in cybersecurity products, building startups to billion-dollar valuations, and her expertise in network and security architecture. Poornima has been a speaker at major tech conferences, is a Forbes 50 over 50 Entrepreneur, and is an official member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Rebecca Harness has an established 25-year career in information technology with a focus on information security and compliance. An accomplished entrepreneur, Rebecca has founded and led two successful technology startups over the course of her career and she’s led numerous high-performing cybersecurity teams through supporting cloud-first digital transformation strategies.

Sarah is a talented cybersecurity leader specializing in transformational change. With in-depth knowledge of the financial services market, Sarah was instrumental in the formulation of Aviva’s cyber resilience strategy. Sarah has a strong background delivering technology transformation across many of Aviva’s award-winning platforms.

Shannon stands out as an exceptional CISO in Australia’s banking sector. She expertly merges her business acumen, tech risk expertise, and a deep understanding of human factors. Shannon’s commitment to nurturing talent fuels a top-tier infosec team. With a wealth of consultancy experience, her unique blend of skills safeguards the bank’s growth and brand.

Sheetal Joseph is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of expertise in security engineering and compliance. Renowned for building security teams from inception, crafting and executing transformative security strategies, and successfully navigating organizations through cyber challenges. She specializes in the effective implementation of security controls, risk management, and incident response, fostering a strong culture of information security. With her unique skills in both tech and business, Sheetal is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world of cybersecurity.

Valerio brings 20 years of experience as a trusted advisor in the financial, healthcare, defense, space, and IT sectors. His passion for information security drives continuous improvement and his expertise spans various areas, including cyber threat intelligence and cybersecurity incident management.

Veronique is the CISO at Pierre Fabre Group, a multinational pharmaceutical and cosmetics company. A talented speaker with a unique perspective, she regularly talks about innovation in AI and cybersecurity. She previously held security leadership roles at companies including La Banque Postale, a bank that serves more than 10 million active personal customers and 475,000 business customers.

Washington Gómez has honed his expertise through roles at Deloitte, Redpagos, IBM, and more. Washington brings a wealth of experience in problem-solving, evaluation, and team leadership. Washington strategically promotes a security-centric approach across business operations and shares his knowledge on security matters.


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