Lacework extends support for multicloud environments with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Erin K. BanksOctober 24, 20232 min read

Lacework is committed to helping organizations eliminate the complexity associated with multicloud environments, and providing unified visibility of assets, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, threats, and anomalous activity for all of their clouds. Today, we are excited to extend our cloud support to include Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Customers are looking to build net-new high-performance workloads and applications in their OCI stack as well as migrate their on-premises cloud workloads and applications to OCI. This offering provides a central management console for visibility and posture management across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Azure, and OCI deployments.


We are excited that Lacework has added support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It gives us the opportunity to utilize Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) capabilities across our multicloud environment with a single platform. Our team can continue to reduce our risk and address our threats quicker with the added visibility and context provided by this new integration.

Karen Prichard, Managing Director, Group Security at Liberty Global

With Lacework on OCI: 

  • Discover and query OCI inventory and cloud configuration data in Lacework 
  • Run ad-hoc Lacework Query Language queries against the OCI data sources
  • Segment your OCI environment and manage team-specific access with Resource Groups based on compartment, region, tags, etc.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box Lacework OCI frameworks (CIS OCI Foundations 1.2, Cloud Guard Detector) for OCI CSPM
  • Create custom OCI policies to augment out-of-the-box controls 
  • Create custom OCI frameworks with your additional custom controls 
  • Set up OCI Compliance (Configuration) Alerts and alert routing
  • Configure report distribution to track progress with out-of-the-box and custom OCI reports

With the ability to create resource groups based on compartment, regions, and tags, you now have greater control over your cloud usage. OCI compartments are cross-region logical partitions within an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. Compartments are beneficial to help you organize your resources in Oracle Cloud, control access to the resources, and set usage quotas. This also provides users with the ability to leverage OCI Resource Groups in order to manage access to their compliance violations. With this additional support, users now have the additional capabilities and cloud support all through a single dashboard.

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