Decoding AppSec in the cloud age: A conversation with Sean Wright of Featurespace

Lacework EditorialMarch 21, 20242 min read

Are your cloud apps an open door for attackers? As cloud computing continues to change the way we build and deploy applications, traditional AppSec approaches may no longer cut it. In our latest podcast episode, host Andy Schneider sits down with Sean Wright, Head of Application Security at Featurespace, to explore the challenges and opportunities of navigating AppSec in the cloud age. Tune in to hear Sean’s thoughts on:

  • Breaking down silos between security and engineering teams
  • Strategies for mitigating risks from open source and third-party software supply chains
  • The critical importance of secure coding education from universities to the workplace
  • Addressing long-standing vulnerabilities like SQL injection that still plague applications
  • Keeping up with the fast pace of new technologies and programming languages
  • Using AI and automation to strengthen application security practices
  • Insights into emerging AppSec trends and challenges

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SeanAbout Sean: Sean Wright is Head of Application Security at Featurespace. He joined the company in April 2022 as Principal Application Security Engineer. Prior to Featurespace, Sean served as Principal Application Security SME at Immersive Labs. He also worked at Secureworks for nearly a decade, culminating in his roles as Lead Software Security Engineer. Sean is an experienced application security engineer with an origin as a software developer. He is primarily focused on web based application security with a special interest in TLS related subjects. He is also experienced in providing technical leadership in relation to application security, as well as engaging with teams to improve the security of systems that they develop. Additionally, Sean enjoys spending personal time performing personal security-related research.



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