Data dialogues: Protecting personal data with AWS Director Jenny Brinkley

Lacework EditorialApril 5, 20242 min read

Your digital interactions are more valuable than you think. In this episode of the Code to Cloud podcast, Jenny Brinkley, Director of Amazon Security at AWS, joins host Tim Chase to discuss protecting personal data in the era of generative AI, the importance of security at the executive level, diversification of the workforce, and more. 

Jenny co-founded an artificial intelligence startup called and has also been awarded patents focused on data loss prevention and the right to be digitally forgotten. Listen to the full episode to hear Jenny and Tim discuss: 

  • Jenny’s journey from co-founding an AI startup to Amazon Security
  • The evolution of data protection and privacy
  • Understanding the value of data in the age of generative AI
  • The role of security in business and regulatory compliance
  • Redefining data loss prevention and the future of AI in security


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JennyAbout Jenny: Jenny Brinkley is Director of Amazon Security at AWS. Jenny leads efforts for Amazon Security to understand where compliance and security is headed. In her role, she partners with leaders across Amazon to prioritize security best practices and expectations leveraging education and awareness to set a shared security bar. Prior to joining Amazon, she co-founded, an artificial intelligence start-up focused on protecting highly sensitive data using behavior analytics to prevent data loss. was acquired by AWS in April 2016. Jenny has also been awarded a few patents focused on data loss prevention and the right to be digitally forgotten.



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