When cybersecurity means business: A conversation with Rohit Parchuri

Code to Cloud podcast: Episode 02

Lacework EditorialApril 6, 20232 min read

When you think of a CISO’s priorities, you might assume that cybersecurity always comes first. But Rohit Parchuri, SVP and CISO at Yext, has a unique perspective on what’s most important—and it might make you rethink your organization’s approach. 

Join us for our second episode of the Code to Cloud podcast to hear valuable insights from Rohit, a trusted information security executive currently heading the global security program at Yext. Rohit builds and executes cybersecurity governance at Yext and also educates both the board of directors and executive management on cybersecurity affairs. And in this episode, Rohit discusses his top three priorities as a CISO, why collaboration is the key to success, and how to build a robust cybersecurity program.



Tune in to Rohit to hear his practical advice and lessons learned, such as: 

  • How does he convey cybersecurity concerns to the board?
  • Is there a misalignment between talent supply and demand?
  • How do you build trust as a cybersecurity professional?
  • What makes a good security leader?
  • What was Rohit’s path to becoming a CISO?
  • What advice does he have for someone starting a career in cybersecurity?



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About Rohit: Rohit Parchuri is an accomplished information security executive with experience structuring and institutionalizing information security disciplines in a variety of organizational domains. He is currently leading a global security program at Yext, a bleeding-edge AI search platform. In this role, Rohit is responsible for building and executing the company’s cybersecurity governance while advocating for the security benefits of Yext technology in customer environments. In this role, Rohit educates the board of directors and executive management on cybersecurity.



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