Lacework EditorialMay 6, 20241 min read

We love the attention 🙂

Lacework has always believed that the best cloud security outcomes are achieved by combining risk management and threat detection on a single platform. That’s why we set out to build one in-house that does just that. Now, others in the industry are realizing that a holistic approach is the real big fish in cloud security. Every day there’s a new story about cloud security providers looking to partner or purchase their way to a full platform.

Our technology leadership around crucial capabilities like threat detection, code security, and a mature run-time agent has sparked conversations across the industry – including interest from other vendors looking to cover gaps in their own offerings. We hear them out to see if a deal makes sense. We know the value of what we’ve built, and sometimes a deal just doesn’t make cents. And sometimes the man behind the curtain has a habit of sharing his own creative narrative. Security is not magic. There is no curtain for us. We help companies stay safe and innovate.

We’re more committed to our customers than ever. And despite any outside drama, we remain hard at work putting our full resources towards building the best holistic cloud security platform. Everything else is just clickbait. 

Stop by Booth #1255 at RSA to find out why everyone wants a piece of Lacework.


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