Building trust in business for sustainable growth: A conversation with Billy Spears, CISO at Teradata

Lacework EditorialJune 1, 20232 min read

In the fast-paced world of business, trust is the secret ingredient that fuels sustainable growth. But how do businesses cultivate trust in an increasingly digital and complex landscape?

Join us for an engaging conversation with Billy Spears, CISO at Teradata, as we unravel the importance of trust and how to use security to drive businesses forward.

Listen to the Code to Cloud podcast to hear Billy’s answers to these questions (and much more): 

  • Why has phishing become more prevalent than ever?
  • What threat does generative AI propose to security?
  • What’s the secret to fostering trust in business relationships? 
  • When is something “secure enough”?
  • How can you better give and accept criticism as a security leader?


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JulieAbout Billy: Billy Spears is an award-winning industry-respected technology executive, author, speaker, and podcast host. He has earned his reputation over two and a half decades of building scalable cybersecurity, information security, information technology, product security, and privacy strategic solutions that drive innovation and business growth within the federal government, private, and public sector organizations. Billy currently serves on a number of advisory boards and participates in national tech, information security, and privacy groups to evangelize his craft through outreach. He is a visual communicator that is often requested to serve as a keynote speaker at industry related conferences and events.


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