A new community for Lacework customers

Lacework EditorialSeptember 5, 20232 min read

Modern cybersecurity takes a village. This week, Lacework takes a huge step to connect experts, curate knowledge, and make sure we’re all doing cybersecurity better, together.

Lacework is launching its brand new customer community where customers, Lacework employees (a.k.a. “Lacers”), and other cybersecurity experts can have conversations about cloud security news, best practices, and the Lacework platform.

And there’s already plenty to see in the new hub.

Knowledge through customer peers and Lacework experts 

The community’s primary component is the new discussions section, which blends general cloud security discussion with questions and answers about the Lacework experience. Within the Discussions section, users can find answers to common Lacework questions or have the opportunity to pose questions of their own. 

Answers will be sourced from both other Lacework users and Lacers, who are on standby to provide expertise. The best answers to these questions can be upvoted.

Because learning and support are such a central part of any community, a knowledge base (KB) will also be available in the community for Lacework customers. Further platform documentation outside of the KB has also been integrated into the federated search at the top of the community to help drive resources into any queries a member might have.

The community’s product updates section offers an overview of any new platform enhancement. Here, members can see a monthly rundown of release notes curated by the Lacework team and deep dives into future product capabilities.

Getting started and rewarded in the Lacework community

Read-only access to the discussion section of the community is available to anyone, while active participation is reserved for Lacework customers, partners and prospects. Additionally, content in the knowledge base is reserved for customers and prospects. 

To get started:

  • Head to the Lacework community and click the Login button. You can also use your login credentials from Lacework Support or Academy to register. 
  • Members of the community can ask a question or start a discussion by clicking the Create Topic button on the top-right corner of the page. 
  • Those who ask questions, provide answers, and engage in discussion can earn points, badges, and other perks.

A stronger community of cybersecurity leaders

As the Lacework family continues to grow, this community will play an increasing role in the way customers grow their cybersecurity expertise. And past the new resource, customers will also continue to receive direct support from their sales engineer, account, and customer success teams. 

Let’s do cybersecurity better, together. Check out the Lacework community today.


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