4 reasons why you should attend Lacework and AWS GameDay

Lacework EditorialOctober 4, 20234 min read

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Amazon Web Services (AWS) GameDay offers a distinctive and exciting way to do just that. This gamified learning event takes a refreshing approach to enhancing your cloud security skills, challenging participants to think creatively, work as a team, and solve real-world technical problems using AWS and Lacework solutions. Is this event worth your time? You better believe it. So let’s delve into what AWS GameDay is, how Lacework is putting a cloud security spin on it, and what you’ll learn at the Lacework and AWS GameDay. Plus we will share the top four reasons why you should attend.

What is AWS GameDay?

AWS GameDay is not your typical workshop or training session. It’s a unique, gamified learning event designed to immerse participants in real-world technical challenges. Unlike traditional training formats, GameDays are open-ended and non-prescriptive, giving participants the freedom to explore and innovate. AWS GameDay serves as a risk-free environment where you can experiment, fail, and learn from your experiences.

How is Lacework putting a cloud security spin on it?

Lacework has been selected as the only cloud security partner to run AWS GameDay in 2023 and we are overjoyed to bring this experience to you. Our partnership with AWS results in a simpler cloud security experience built on the notion that security is job zero and customers come first. 

What will I learn at Lacework and AWS GameDay?

In this cloud security GameDay, participants will embark on a thrilling journey, completing a series of tasks using Lacework. Here’s what you can expect to accomplish:

Secure your build

Learn how to prevent misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in your AWS environment. Protect your infrastructure from potential threats by securing your build right from the start – from core to cloud.

Detect known and unknown threats

Discover the power of Lacework in detecting both known and unknown threats. Gain the skills needed to identify and respond to security incidents effectively.

Protect your cloud environment

Learn how to safeguard your cloud environment using the Lacework robust security capabilities. Ensure the safety and integrity of your AWS resources.

Respond to your risks

Master the art of risk response by understanding how to react swiftly and effectively to potential security risks. Develop the skills to keep your AWS environment secure at all times.

4 reasons you should attend Lacework and AWS GameDay

1. Real-world experience, zero consequences

Experience is often the best teacher, but real-world business environments don’t always provide the ideal learning environment. AWS GameDay provides a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with AWS solutions in a risk-free setting. It’s like a sandbox for professionals to explore AWS services, architecture patterns, best practices, and collaboration, all without the fear of real-world consequences.

2. Choose your adventure

AWS GameDay offers a variety of challenges tailored to your interests and skill level. You can select the challenges you want to tackle, allowing you to customize your learning experience. You’ll develop genuine problem-solving capabilities rather than relying on guided instructions.

3. Fun and collaborative

Participating in AWS GameDay isn’t just about learning; it’s also about having fun. Teams work together to overcome challenges, fostering a collaborative spirit. GameDay events are known for their enjoyable and engaging format, making learning an enjoyable experience.

4. Attendees rate it 5/5

We ran this event in Palo Alto, California last week and the participants who attended found value, giving it a 5 out of 5 rating. What is better than that?

Why AWS GameDay is worth your time

AWS GameDay goes beyond traditional training by allowing participants to experience failures and overcome obstacles in a risk-free environment. This hands-on approach prepares you to address a wide range of issues, including security, compliance, automation, performance, reliability, and cost efficiency, in your own AWS environment.

AWS GameDay encourages cross-team collaboration, a critical requirement for success in a public cloud environment. It breaks down silos and fosters teamwork across disciplines, helping teams understand each other’s responsibilities and promote cooperation.

Now that you’ve learned about the exciting world of AWS GameDay, it’s time to take your skills to the next level. 

Register now to join us in-person in London on October 18 or join us for our virtual event on November 7

By the way — if you’re going to AWS re:Invent, we will be there and we would love for you to stop by booth #688 but feel free to book a meeting beforehand so we make sure to get you on the calendar. 

See you there!

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