15 top tips from security leaders on Code to Cloud’s debut season

Lacework EditorialOctober 23, 20232 min read

Our first season of the Code to Cloud podcast has been nothing short of spectacular. Every other week, our hosts Tim Chase and Andy Schneider chatted with influential global security experts to unravel the ins and outs of the latest cloud security trends and challenges shaping the industry. 


Trust is everything. So you know what I say is, ‘Business first, trust second and cyber third.’ That's the mantra I go with. Right after business, the trust has to come in. And without business, nothing exists. But trust is literally the next element that you have to focus on.

Rohit Parchuri, SVP and CISO, Yext

Our guests brought their A-game to each episode, sharing golden nuggets from their experiences in security leadership roles. From the pivotal role of security in business, to the nuances of “security theater,” to the significance of laying strong foundations early on, these cybersecurity leaders covered it all. 


You can do a great deal of work very early on, with very little team and budget. But the earlier you can set the foundations, the more dividends they will pay off over time.

Sebastien Jeanquier, CSO, Upvest

Check out our latest episode of Code to Cloud to revisit some of the standout moments and conversations that made this season unforgettable.


Connect with the experts

Didn’t catch every episode? Here’s a quick rundown of the security visionaries who joined us this season. Connect with them on LinkedIn if you’d like to learn more about them. 

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