Operationalize cloud security at scale

Reduce costs and headaches with smarter automation and fewer tools


Caught in a web
of security inefficiency

Disjointed security tools and processes lead to wasted time and money —two things that short staffed teams cannot afford.

Point solutions show poor ROI

Fragmented cloud security tools create noise and confusion. The cost of licenses increases while efficient cloud security goes by the wayside.

A bad use of precious resources

A bad use of precious resources

Lean security teams have no time to waste, yet they spend their days navigating cloud security tools and processes that could be automated.

Wasted time fuels discontent

Wasted time fuels discontent

Security talent retention is hard enough. Cloud security tools should make jobs easier.

The status quo is not scalable

The cloud is attractive for its limitless ability to scale. However, legacy security measures aren’t ready to keep pace with its growth.


RapidSOS achieves increased operational efficiency

This HealthTech company cut alert volume by 41% and reduced time spent on evidence gathering by 98%.

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Cut complexity with consolidation

Lower total cost of ownership by consolidating multiple point solutions into a single, automated cloud security platform.

  • Save time and money with automation

    Automate security for faster, more effective issue resolution, while reducing the number of tools to procure, configure, integrate, and maintain.

  • Focus on high impact work

    Only focus on high value, high impact cloud security work. Know which issues are most critical by correlating data across your cloud environment.

  • Improve employee satisfaction

    Cut down on employee dissatisfaction through a single, end-to-end cloud security platform that works for you, not against you.

Our Approach

Automate manual tasks to speed results

Our single platform integrates your cloud accounts, CI/CD pipelines, and workloads with ease to enable your users to quickly act on data and resolve risks.

Collect data at scale

  • Painlessly connect your cloud accounts, services, CI/CD pipelines, and workloads at scale
  • Continuously and efficiently gather data across the software development lifecycle using configuration and application data
  • Automatically develop a baseline of normal behavior for your environment with minimal overhead

Correlate data to drive decision-making

  • Create a single consolidated, actionable source of cloud security truth that sends silos packing
  • Automatically correlate all of your data from build to runtime to surface your biggest issues and detect unusual behavior

Act on relevant data with guided remediation

  • Reduce alert volume and arm teams with prioritized contextualized notifications
  • Provide actionable analysis with context and visualizations to guide response and remediation
  • Implement preventative controls to reduce risk from entering your cloud environment

Could you be more efficient?

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