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Elevate your DevSecOps practice and posture

Get the visibility and insights needed to find the true risks to your business, including unknown threats.

Elevate your cloud security practice and posture
Elevate your cloud security practice and posture

Securing cloud infrastructure doesn’t have to be arduous.

Whether you are new to cloud or cloud-native, we meet you where you are in your cloud journey, so you can better protect the services your customers depend on.

Do you have day-to-day responsibility for one or more security tools?

Do you have day-to-day responsibility for one or more security tools?

If you are a Security Manager or Analyst, you may find yourself spending too much time writing rules, wading through alerts and with one too many false positives. You need better context and the right alert, at the right time.

Are you responsible for the security and compliance of your business?

Are you responsible for the security and compliance of your business?

If you are a CISO or Director of Security, you have earned a seat at the table, but with that visibility comes pressure to demonstrate ROI and quickly grasp the full exposure. You need a solution that gives you quick time to value and doesn’t require additional headcount.

Embracing DevSecOps in Australia and New Zealand

Embracing DevSecOps in Australia and New Zealand

In this whitepaper, Lacework surveyed the local market to explore where organisations, both large and small, are on the DevSecOps journey and where they see the path to success.

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Get clarity and control over your cloud environment

Lacework lets you address your greatest risks while also realizing 342% ROI from improved productivity and tool consolidation.

  • From noise to clarity

    Cut through the alert clutter to the attacks that actually matter.

  • From darkness to context

    Expand visibility and detect previously unknown threats.

  • From cost center to business value

    Drive down SIEM ingestion costs and demonstrate ROI with consolidation of tools and quick time to value.

  • From bandwidth-constrained to efficient

    Reduce costs by consolidating multiple compliance tools into one platform.

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Surface unknown threats and take action faster

We use a behavior-driven approach to help you uncover anomalies in cloud accounts and workloads deployed on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Understand your environment and assess risk

  • Support AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and hybrid environments.
  • Gain complete cloud account asset inventory via agentless approach.
  • Get data on all cloud workloads via agent.
  • Continuously monitor user, app, process, and network behavior, plus identify vulnerabilities and cloud misconfigurations.

Get insights into how your environment functions

  • Mithilfe der patentierten anomaliebasierten Polygraph-Technologie unbekannte Bedrohungen wie ungewöhnliche Logins und Ausweitungen von Berechtigungen erkennen.
  • Vulnerabilities während dem Build und der Laufzeit entdecken.
  • Malware und andere bekannte Bedrohungen anhand der Reputationsbewertung von Dateien, DNS und anderen identifizieren.
  • Umfassende Datenintegritätsüberwachung (File Integrity Monitoring, FIM) erhalten, um Änderungen in Metadaten zu erkennen.

React quickly to issues you discover

  • Reduce alert volume and surface only the most critical events.
  • Respond rapidly, leveraging context-rich visualizations and notifications.
  • Pre-process event logs to reduce SIEM ingest cost.
  • Quickly notify developers of issues that need to be fixed or patched with integrations with ticketing and workflow applications.
  • Generate detailed reports for compliance.

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Mit Lacework können Sie unbekannte Bedrohungen schneller aufspüren und kontinuierlich nach Anzeichen für Kompromittierungen suchen. Testen Sie Lacework, um sich selbst davon zu überzeugen.

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