Cloud Compliance
Achieve continuous cloud compliance

Prove and maintain continuous compliance across your entire cloud environment

Stellen Sie Compliance in AWS, Azure und Google Cloud sicher
Stellen Sie Compliance in AWS, Azure und Google Cloud sicher

A unified security platform for cloud compliance

Fielding constant requests for compliance reports is draining. The speed of the cloud makes it hard to keep up. Reduce manual efforts and maintain automated, continuous compliance.

Grow revenue, unlock new markets

Grow revenue, unlock new markets

Gain competitive advantage by growing revenue streams into new regions, industries, and markets by demonstrating cloud compliance.

Reduce cloud audit costs

Reduce cloud audit costs

Deploy in minutes and eliminate manual and time-consuming processes to ensure you never fail a cloud audit.

Maintain brand trust

Maintain brand trust

Consolidate tools into a single platform to regain control and protect against financial and reputational losses.

Fulfill cloud audit requests faster

Automate evidence gathering and reporting across your entire environment to reduce manual mistakes and keep up with requests.

Lacework Advantage

Reduce internal and external auditing costs

90% reduction
in manual efforts to secure the cloud

20 hours saved a week
in automation

76% of customers
chose Lacework for the CSPM functionality

Automatisieren Sie die SOC 2-Compliance

Automatisieren Sie die SOC 2-Compliance

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Build for the cloud: automated, comprehensive compliance and security

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Fast, flexible cloud compliance with low overhead

We help you prove and maintain continuous compliance across your entire cloud estate with less cost and effort.

Apply a layered approach

From a single platform, use an agent plus agentless approach to ensure AWS compliance, as well as for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes environments.

Monitor continuously for changes

Assess posture and cloud compliance with policies for PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2 and others or with your own custom policies. Integrate with tools like Terraform to align your workflow and quickly spot issues during IaC builds.

Entschiedene Maßnahmen ergreifen

Respond quickly to notifications when configurations fall short and prioritize next steps based on severity. Integrate with existing tools like Jira to share context-rich recommendations across multiple formats and remediate fast.


Demonstrate compliance from code to cloud

Cloud compliance can be tedious. Our single platform helps you stay in control with continuous Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes, and AWS compliance.

  • Integrate

    Reduce costs by consolidating cloud compliance tools. We integrate into your cloud accounts, CI/CD pipelines, and workloads with ease and speed.

  • Collect

    We love configuration and application data. We continuously collect data at scale across the entire software development lifecycle, from code to cloud.

  • Comprehend

    Change happens in the cloud. We continually validate your cloud compliance against industry standards and best practices to automatically detect misconfigurations and violations over time.

  • Empower

    Get auditable evidence of compliance with pre-built compliance templates to help you guide responses and remediation and reduce risk from ever being introduced into your cloud.


Support for your multicloud environment

Whether you’re using Amazon, Google, Microsoft, a hybrid approach, or all of the above, you gain protection and configuration support to achieve continuous cloud compliance

Drive AWS compliance by consolidating multiple cloud compliance and posture management tools in one single platform.

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Reduce risk in your Google Cloud environment with continuous, automated testing for standards to measure cloud compliance.

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Get visibility and context with daily cloud audits to easily prove cloud compliance and detect and respond to issues across Microsoft Azure.

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Reduce blindspots for highly dynamic and configurable K8s to remain compliant across your K8s environment from build to runtime.

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