Nowhere for cloud security threats to hide

Get an open window into your cloud environment with continuous monitoring and near-real-time threat detection


Never ahead,
always behind

Alert fatigue makes you want to give up. But you must keep watch for troubles in the cloud.

Enough with the noise

Too many alerts and too many false positives with not enough context drown out real cloud security threats.

Long hours with little progress

Long hours with little progress

Alert triage. Rule maintenance. Log querying. Threat hunting. Long mean times to detect. The list never ends. And the talent shortage is doing you no favors.

Fighting an uphill battle

Fighting an uphill battle

When cyber threats evolve faster than security rules, there’s no rest for the weary.

Not enough context

Evolving attack surface areas and security frameworks create an environment in which threats are impossible to track.

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Cryptojacking 101

Understand the world’s most common type of malware. Explore tactics to fight against it.

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Find cloud attacks faster with less effort

Smart automation removes manual pain from cyber threat detection. That way, you can do more with your lean team.

  • Intelligence that spares no threat

    Our platform flags any abnormal behavior. Unknown cloud threats. Zero day exploits. Low-and-slow cloud attacks. When it happens, you see it in near-real time.

  • No more detective work

    Lacework composite alerts with detailed events views can automatically string together disparate, low severity alerts that collectively identify critical cloud attacks.

  • Rules need not apply

    Rules simply don’t scale in the cloud. With behavior-based threat detection, you can choose to make rule writing and maintenance a thing of the past.

  • Deeper dives into more meaningful threats

    Enhanced threat detection capabilities capture deeper signals such as syscall results, and are easier to interpret with mappings to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Our Approach

Give threats no place to hide

Modern cloud threats can be elusive. Our platform’s layered approach shines light into even the darkest corners of your cloud environment.

Monitor continuously

  • Easily deploy our lightweight agent into production and gain continuous workload visibility
  • Reduce potential severity and scope of cybersecurity breaches with earlier detection of threats
  • Gain an always-up-to-date understanding of cloud changes and their impact on security

Respond faster

  • Automatically cut through noise to find early signs of ransomware, cryptomining, and compromised credentials
  • Speed up investigations with context-rich, composite alerts featuring supporting facts and visualizations
  • Take action through integrations with ticketing, messaging, SIEM, or workflow applications
  • MITRE ATT&CK mapping connects Lacework detections and alerts to a knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations

Rules optional

  • Save time on rule-writing and maintenance with behavior-based anomaly detection
  • Drastically cut down on cloud security mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) with faster activity discovery
  • Uncover zero-day exploits and anomalous behavior like abnormal logins and privilege escalation

Are you ready to find threats faster?

Use data and automation to shine a light into all corners of your cloud environment. Then use context to act decisively.

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