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Sécurité de l'infrastructure as code

The adoption of Infrastructure as Code means teams need to remediate at the source or risk reintroducing the same issues


Security shouldn’t be an innovation bottleneck

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) enables faster innovation, but increases the chance of configuration mistakes — it’s never been more important to interlace security.

Mistakes multiply with IaC

Mistakes multiply with IaC

Would it save time if you could identify and remediate issues at the source before they were replicated with IaC deployments?

Too many people can make code changes

Too many people can make code changes

Are your developers infrastructure experts? Nope, most aren’t! But with IaC, they have control over cloud configuration, which leads to mistakes.

Minimal review before code goes live

Minimal review before code goes live

What if you could automatically review all changes before they are deployed without worrying about impacting volume or velocity?

Remediation costs increase as time elapses

Remediation costs increase as time elapses

Want to know the impact of your code so you can eliminate critical mistakes before they are deployed, and avoid expensive build time remediation costs in the future?

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Shift Left Faster: IaC Security for the Win

Learn how to implement security best practices into your existing DevOps workflows to achieve the full benefits of IaC and continue building at hyper-speed.

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Deliver code quickly and securely

to shift left and partner with developers so they can manage applications and infrastructure efficiently, securely, and reliably.

  • From uncertainty to understanding the impact of deploying your code

    Give your developers the automated security guidance they need to recognize misconfigurations and know how to fix them so they deploy with confidence

  • From reactive to proactive practices for reducing risk

    Build proactive security practices that enable efficiency and reduce the likelihood of security gaps.

  • From friction between security and development to seamless teamwork

    Automated testing and policy management empowers developers to write and deploy code quickly, and security to ensure that it is correctly configured.

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Interlace security as early as possible

Lacework helps developers to identify and fix cloud configuration issues in development before they are deployed to live environments. Delivering secure IaC reduces the volume of risky changes, decreases the time and labor cost of security remediation, and helps compensate for an industry-wide skills gap in cloud configuration management.

Reduce risk by preventing IaC misconfigurations

  • Includes automated security processes that evaluate IaC before it is deployed
  • Analyzes the static code of each commit and pull request
  • Scans for critical compliance and configuration issues

Empower developers to quickly become more productive

  • Eliminates tedious manual code review
  • Integrates through Github or Gitlab to continuously monitor IaC source code
  • Provides rapid feedback in the tools you already use
  • Offers clear remediation guidance and automated fixes to common misconfigurations

Decrease time, toil, and cost to remediate

  • Provides proactive versus reactive security layer to detect misconfigurations before they are introduced
  • Integrates IaC telemetry and reporting into CSPM and CWPP security platform for end-to-end security visibility
  • Includes the DevSecOps expertise and technology to turn your someday wish list into today’s reality

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