DataVisor scales multicloud security & compliance for customers with Lacework

Lacework enables us to easily scale our cloud security with an anomaly-based host intrusion detection system that operates at the host-level.

Avinash Raju, Principle Security Engineer, DataVisor

DataVisor is a leading provider of AI-based fraud and risk management solutions for large enterprises. As a pioneer in real time fraud detection using unsupervised machine learning, DataVisor is now a global company whose solutions are deployed in multiple clouds. DataVisor monitors over 4 billion user accounts to detect and identify both known and unknown fraud signals.


  • Securing a multicloud (GCP/Azure/AWS) environment to meet the demands of expansion
  • Required a highly efficient approach to real-time monitoring and protection


  • Anomaly detection that operates at the host level
  • Daily reporting and detailed compliance reporting


  • Increased overall efficiency and productivity of their existing security operations
  • Allows the security team to quickly identify issues and close them almost immediately