Lacework Priorities: Continued Safety and Security – A Commitment to our Customers and Employees

Safety and security for us are not just the outcomes of your cloud infrastructure, it’s also the safety and well-being of our employees and our customer’s families and well-being.

This isn’t something new but certainly, during this incredible time of uncertainty and doubt, I felt that it’s important to provide some certainty and trust of what our priorities are.

We run a SaaS business which means that we rely on annualized subscriptions to help secure our customer’s cloud and cloud-native services. What that means pragmatically is that we wake up every day thinking about how we can better satisfy our customers so they continue with said service and, how can we add new customers.

The best customers to me are the ones that beat you up behind the scenes and praise you publicly. They push your innovation and scale in a way that helps serve the grander market. And, in return, you meet the demands as best as you can. But there is something larger at play that is more important and that is the relationship that gets formed throughout the journey. To me, this is part of the secret sauce of a company. With successful SaaS businesses that serve a thriving market, the innovation and pace must be met with the attitude, relationship and empathy of the customers.

And, in this time of doubt and uncertainty, I believe it is critically important to highlight our commitment to our employees and customers with empathy, respect, and understanding.

There are and will be many impacts of COVID-19. We understand this will adjust how you work, how you operate your organizations, and how you’ll interact with us. Our commitment is to do our best to adapt to your needs and maintain the drive forward toward delivering a service that lets you focus on what’s important. We understand that there will be unplanned schedule changes and we look forward to occasional family members and pets joining our video calls (we’re sure one of ours will pop-up at some point!).

Our CS team will be reaching out over the next few days to check-in with your team on the best way to work together, and to see what we can do to support you, your families, and your colleagues.


Stay safe,
Dan Hubbard, CEO
Photo from Yue Su via Unsplash