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Runtime Threat Defense

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Runtime Threat Defense for Cloud Containers & Workloads

Identify vulnerabilities across the entire scope of your cloud and containerized environments

Lacework provides runtime threat defense that enables security teams to identify vulnerabilities across the entire scope of their cloud and containerized environments. This includes identifying security issues with serverless resources, applications, networks, file systems, APIs, processes, and other elements that could increase the threat vector of an organization’s infrastructure. With an emphasis on events happening at runtime, organizations can identify issues before they spread within their cloud or container environments

Identifying Risks at Runtime

Lacework’s approach to runtime threat defense uses automation and unsupervised machine learning. Security teams are able to deploy the Lacework agent across multiple cloud platforms, within application orchestration environments like Docker and Kubernetes, and even in hybrid workloads. As a SaaS service, organizations are able to review historical event data across their infrastructure to understand where breaches occurred and identify vulnerabilities.

In a rapidly-changing deployment environment, traditional security rules are stale as soon as they are deployed and new attacks are often missed because they are not reflected in existing rules. Lacework’s automated approach uses machine learning and historical data to improve runtime threat detection and response, providing the following benefits:

  • No Missed Events: Lacework will always alert you to new activity so that you can investigate any potentially malicious behavior within your environment
  • Low Alert Noise: Lacework will only alert you to what is new or anomalous, preventing alert fatigue
  • Simple Operations and Maintenance: Automated workload detection means no writing and maintaining error-prone rules. With Lacework you will not need to constantly maintain rules to reflect new and emerging threats, allowing you to focus on securing your environment

Cloud Security at Scale and at the Speed of Business

The modern cloud infrastructure allows organizations to deploy, scale, and configure their infrastructure faster than ever. The ability to automate and operate at DevOps speed poses a challenge to traditional security approaches. Lacework’s approach to runtime threat defense is to automate anomaly detection and provide investigative insights that can be easily understood. Lacework supports threat defense for public clouds such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and also supports computer hosts and containers.

The Power of Polygraph®

Lacework’s foundation is it’s patented Polygraph technology, a deep temporal baseline which we present to users as a set of behavioral maps.” With the complexity and volume of a modern data center, Polygraph employs a baseline, zero-touch approach without leaving any blank spaces for attackers to exploit.