Cloud Security This Week – December 14, 2018

New from Lacework AWS Spot Instance and Cloud Security All cloud providers have some type of a compute product offering which lets the user bid for the resource they need to complete or for more tasks. Amazon web services has led the way, offering a low cost EC2 usage option called Spot Instance. The model […]

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In the news - cyberattacks or the discovery of a breach of sensitive data.

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

Photo by Flemming Fuchs on Unsplash Every morning, I begin my day with the same routine I’ve had for many years. You and I aren’t that close yet, so I won’t go into the specifics of my dawn activities, but I can safely divulge that it involves fleece, coffee, and a quick scan of the […]

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We just looked at 2 billion #cloud events

I Just Looked at 2 Billion Cloud Events. Here’s What I Found.

Photo by Jase Ess on Unsplash Our relationship with Lacework customers usually starts with a 30-day trial of our solution. Going in to it, they typically acknowledge lack of necessary visibility into their cloud environment. They also, however, tend to massively discount the reality of threats and risks to which they’re exposing their users and data. It’s not […]

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First, develop a clear picture of what you have – and don’t have – for AWS security today. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is a good way to think this through: Identify: Do you have a clear picture of what your organization has deployed on AWS? Do you know how many AWS Accounts are active at your […]

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File Integrity Monitoring

Lacework Adds File Integrity Monitoring to its Cloud Security Platform

Mountain View, Calif. – October 31, 2017 – Lacework™, the industry’s first solution to bring automation, speed and scale to cloud security, has added File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) to its platform, enabling FIM to be more than a compliance checkmark and making it an integral part of the threat detection process. FIM’s file integrity signals […]

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One employee gets the blame at Equifax. Fair?

In late August, Richard Smith, former CEO of Equifax, gave a speech that included this line: “There’s those companies that have been breached and know it, and there are those companies that have been breached and don’t know it.” (As Fortune notes, at the time of the speech Equifax was breached and they knew it). […]

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Another Multi-Billion Dollar Cybersecurity Catastrophe at Equifax

Last week Equifax reported what is possibly the most significant cyber security breach in history – and they are now paying for it. According to MarketWatch, the company’s value plunged more than $3.5B in just 2 trading sessions. Equifax out of pocket costs may exceed $300M. Farhad Manjoo at The New York Times wrote a […]

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Cloud Workload Security Automate

Forrester’s Insights into Cloud Workload Security: Automate, Automate, Automate

Earlier this week, Forrester released its Vendor Landscape report for cloud workload security solutions (CWS), authored by Andras Cser, Vice President and principal analyst at Forrester. According to the report, 52% of North American infrastructure decision makers believe public cloud implementations are a critical business priority. There’s no question the future belongs to the cloud. […]

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Amazon Web Services

Lacework Brings Zero-Touch Anomaly Detection to AWS Accounts

Mountain View, Calif. – August 14, 2017 – Lacework™, the industry’s first zero-touch cloud security solution, today announced that Lacework Polygraph is now integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudTrail, extending the company’s zero-touch security approach to protect AWS accounts. Using Lacework for AWS CloudTrail, cloud teams can make sense of CloudTrail data, deepen visibility […]

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