Without Security Visibility and Analysis, BlueKeep Keeps on Keeping On

BlueKeep, a severe security vulnerability (CVE-2019-0708) that affects the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and other older Windows OS versions, is spreading rapidly, due in part to its ability to be remotely exploitable. While this has the structure of a classic attack, it’s also unique because its wicked efficiency essentially […]

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An Unauthenticated RCE Gold Rush: A Look at Attacks Exploiting Confluence CVE-2019-3396

The recent Confluence vulnerability (CVE-2019-3396) created a gold rush for threat actors. Attackers are exploiting it for cryptojacking, DDoS attacks, and ransomware. We observed some of these attacks in the wild and via our honeypots. In this blog we will share interesting details from the attacks. CVE-2019-3396 On March 20th, 2019 the vulnerability was announced […]

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