The Benefits of a Host-Based IDS for Cloud Environments

There are significant benefits to using a Host-Based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) to monitor system activities in cloud environments. Traditionally, most organizations struggled to choose between deploying a Host Based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) and a Network Based Intrusion Detection System (NIDS). Each of these intrusion detection systems provided strengths and weaknesses. However, today’s cloud-based […]

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Art Into Science: Conference Overview & Securing K8s

Photo via Art into Science 2019 Last week we had the pleasure of attending and presenting at Art into Science: A Conference for Defense (ACoD) 2019. It was a blast listening to a variety of amazing talks, and speaking on Kubernetes security. In this post, we share background on the conference, discuss some of our […]

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Your etcd is Showing: Thousands of Clusters Open to the Internet

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash Usage of the distributed key-value store etcd is at an all time high. The fastest growing open source project Kubernetes uses etcd to store data critical to the operation of its clusters. Like many open source, easy to use data stores, the simplicity of setup is a double edged sword. […]

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Kubernetes CVE-2018-1002105

On December 3rd a critical Kubernetes vulnerability was announced under CVE-2018-1002105. This vulnerability scored a 9.8 out 10 on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). The vulnerability stems from an issue with Kubernetes API Server (kube-apiserver) handling proxy requests when upgrading to WebSockets. The vulnerability ultimately can allow authenticated and unauthenticated users to make API […]

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Lacework Announces Kubernetes Support in End-to-End Cloud Security Platform

Mountain View, Calif. – December 10, 2018 –  Lacework, the industry’s first solution to bring automation, speed, and scale to cloud security, today announced support for Kubernetes container orchestration. With this update to the product, Lacework customers will now have comprehensive threat detection for Kubernetes dashboards, pods, management nodes, and clusters, in addition to end-to-end […]

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Lacework Kubernetes Meetup

Kubernetes, Pizza, and Learning From Our Community

  Yesterday was a big day for Lacework. We announced a $24 million series B round of funding which will help us continue our momentum in building the market’s most comprehensive cloud security solution. Even in today’s funding environment, that’s a significant amount, and we already have plans to invest heavily (and wisely) in product development, […]

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