Why Process-to-Process Visibility Is So Important

One of the challenges in securing processes operating in cloud environments is the visibility limitations imposed either by the cloud service provider or the customer’s solution architecture. In the case of the cloud service provider, because the environment is shared by everyone who has access to that cloud service, including many thousands of their customers […]

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The New School of Security: Using the Cloud to Secure the Cloud

Legacy security was built on the premise of a moat; keep people and data away from the infrastructure, and they can’t attack it. Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, or intrusion prevention systems –  these tools delivered “network-centric” solutions and aimed to keep access at a safe distance. Originally, firewalls performed the task of preventing unwanted, and […]

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Anomaly Detection vs. Rules: Better Security Insights, Designed for the Modern Enterprise

Traditionally with monitoring tools – whether security, application, or infrastructure – it’s necessary to invest considerable time configuring the product and writing rules that are specific to your environment. This is done so your team gets the right alerts on issues that run counter to your requirements and environmental set up. With innovations in machine […]

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