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Simplify Audit Preparation and Evidence Collection

The Power of Polygraph® for Configuration Compliance

Lacework’s foundation is Polygraph, a deep temporal baseline built from collecting high fidelity machine,process, and user interactions over a period of time. The Polygraph is used to detect anomalies, generate appropriate alerts, and provide a tool for users to investigate and triage issues.

Fundamentally, Lacework’s Polygraph technology develops a dynamic behavioral and communication model of your services and unique infrastructure. The model understands natural hierarchies for processes, containers, pods, and machines and aggregates them to develop behavioral models. A behavioral model is, in some sense, the essence of how a customer’s infrastructure operates. With this model, Polygraph monitors your infrastructure for activities that fall outside the model. In addition, Polygraph continually updates its models as your data center behavior changes.

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Spot IaaS account configurations that violate compliance and security best practices that could put your company at risk with Lacework’s comprehensive configuration compliance monitoring tools for enterprise DevOps teams.

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