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Why the Cloud Breaks Security

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Companies are dealing with a lot of complexity and change in the cloud, whether that’s cloud migrations, new applications, acquisitions, multi-cloud environments, or adoption of microservices and continuous development. On-premises environments were fundamentally different with monolithic environments, fewer changes, and more security control available.

With cloud complexity and change, legacy security approaches can’t keep up and we’ve seen that in how the cloud security market has evolved. Even at a basic level, AWS now has over 200 services and releases new features your team is using on a weekly basis.

This creates a lot of data. It’s impossible and impractical for any human or group of humans to make sense of all the data and activity generated in the cloud.

At its foundation, security is a data problem. Here’s why >> Security is a Data Problem


Cloud Security Powered by Your Data

Lacework solved the data problem with cloud security. Our patented technology called PolygraphTM, is a graphical representation of how we ingest, analyze and understand behavioral data at ridiculous scale.



Derived from the Greek ‘poly’ and ‘graph’ translates to ‘many writings.’ For the cloud generation, directly translates to a kick-a$$ visual representation of your entire cloud environment.


Lacework collects data in real time, and every very hour builds a Polygraph related to a particular classification of data points (Kubernetes as an example). We then compare the behaviors found in the data to well understood behaviors derived from every previous hour. These differences are what drive our event generation. We collect your unique cloud data at scale, stitching together network and process communication to provide you with complete visibility.

This approach is fundamentally different than any other cloud security product on the market. Rather than applying rules and policies against what we “think” might happen we can now generate events based on what we know to be “normal” and the deviations from what behaviors we understand. Custom rules of course are always an option, though most customers find they are unnecessary.

In this way, Lacework is able to not only alert based on anomalous activities within your unique cloud environment, but also around known bad activities. The outcome of using this approach is that Lacework generates significantly higher quality events in terms of context and a significantly lower quantity of false positives.


CSPM, CWPP, CNAPP + Data = Lacework

Lacework’s Cloud Security Platform delivers security and compliance across multi-cloud environments, workloads, containers, and Kubernetes — all from a single place. We’ve helped some of the most innovative companies in the world accelerate development, consolidate 2-4 cloud security tools, and reduce costs by 35%.

“Lacework Polygraph, within minutes of the attack occurring was able to detect something that the others were not. It outperformed everything we’ve been doing.”

— Mario Duarte, VP Security | Snowflake Computing

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