Tackling cyber threats: A playbook for cloud security

A draft day huddle with former NFL CIO, Michelle McKenna

We all know the best defense is a good offense. Are you ready for game time with your cloud security strategy?

In today’s constantly evolving cyber world, it’s crucial to be prepared to face any opponents that may come your way.

Multi-faceted business leader, investment banker, and former NFL CIO, Michelle McKenna, sits down with Lacework CMO, Meagen Eisenberg, for a special locker room talk experience on draft day.

Michelle is a game changer when it comes to creating and leveraging technology to build a winning playbook.

We’ll coach you on how to:

  • Build a strategic cloud security game plan
  • Intercept anomalies with your team
  • Play to win and stay secure from code to cloud

Don’t be left on the sidelines when it comes to your cloud security strategy. Get in the game and watch the webinar on-demand.

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Michelle McKenna
CEO of Michelle McKenna Collaborative, former NFL CIO
Meagen Eisenberg