Cybersecurity insights from financial services experts

Thursday, October 12 at 10am PDT | 1pm EDT

What keeps customers at your bank? With over 10,000 Global Financial Institutions, it is apparent that technical innovation and a competitive advantage need to be top of mind when developing a business strategy in the financial markets. In this virtual event, Rachel Wilson from Morgan Stanley and Merritt Baer from Lacework will join Nick Dimtchev from Amazon Web Services to discuss insights gained over the years working in cybersecurity at financial institutions and perspectives on how customer experience along with digital innovation is essential to obtaining and retaining customers.

Hear our exclusive panel discuss:

  • Keys to differentiating yourself in the financial services industry
  • How to continuously innovate while keeping your business secure
  • Tips on how to avoid pitfalls and insights from lessons learned
  • Recommendations for analyzing business risk while obtaining security certification in cloud environments
  • Navigate the challenges of maintaining separate cloud and on-premises environments

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Featured speakers:

Rachel Wilson
Head of Cyber Security, Morgan Stanley
Merritt Baer
Field CISO, Lacework
Nick Dimtchev
Financial Services Sales Manager, AWS