Risk Management, Security Education, and Sales Knowledge with Gerald Beuchelt, the CISO at Sprinklr

This episode features an interview with Gerald Beuchelt, the CISO at Sprinklr, the leader in customer experience management, serving companies like Microsoft, P&G, and 50% of the Fortune 100. Gerald has nearly 30 years of experience in IT, having served in leadership roles at companies like MITRE, Demandware, a Salesforce company, and LogMeIn. He is also a cyber security consultant and advisor. And in this episode, Gerald is discussing fostering an organization-wide culture of security through effective employee education, communication with leaders, and building trust as a security leader.

Time Stamps

[0:33] Introducing Gerald Beuchelt, the CISO at Sprinklr
[1:18] What is the scope of Gerald’s role at Sprinklr?
[3:19] What is the CISO role like at a company that is purely on the cloud? What are Gerald’s top priorities and concerns?
[6:19] How does Gerald educate employees on security?
[10:15] How do you make security relevant from a business perspective?
[12:25] How do you build trust as a new CISO?
[14:55] What was Gerald’s path to becoming the CISO at Sprinklr?
[18:33] Does having experience in sales lend itself to being a CISO?
[22:27] Gerald shares a story of what happens when you apply old controls to new environments

About The Guest:

Gerald Beuchelt
Gerald is the Chief Information Security Officer/Vice President for Sprinklr’s products and corporate assets. In his prior role as Chief Information Security Officer/Vice President for LogMeIn he was responsible for the security, compliance, and technical privacy of LogMeIn’s products and corporate assets. Previously, Gerald was Chief Security Officer for Demandware, a Salesforce Company, responsible for security and acting Chief Privacy Officer and Data Protection Officer for Demandware’s German subsidiary.
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