Omada Health partners with AWS and Lacework to improve visibility, accelerate remediation, and streamline compliance

Lacework gave us more visibility in the cloud, and we could easily integrate it into our existing security monitoring toolset. We went into a partnership with them knowing this was the tool that we wanted.

Greg Sonier, Senior Director of Information Security, Omada Health

Omada Health is a cloud-first, virtual healthcare platform that offers personalized care solutions to members with chronic conditions. The platform pulls patient data from wireless devices, wearables like Fitbits, and connected devices such as scales and blood pressure monitors to inform individualized care plans.


Digital healthcare solutions provider Omada Health, which is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), wanted to integrate additional layers of security throughout its development pipeline to strengthen compliance with industry regulations. It also needed an easier way to demonstrate compliance during audits, a process that was not only time- and labor-intensive, but also prevented the company from scaling.


Omada Health turned to Lacework, a cloud-first, data-driven security platform that automates security at scale. With Lacework, the DevOps team gained deeper visibility into its stack, identified and resolved vulnerabilities earlier, and optimized its compliance monitoring process.


  • Collaboratively demonstrated HIPAA compliance and spot noncompliant configurations in real-time
  • Scaled the company without compromising security or compliance of protected health information (PHI) for its solutions that serve more than 780,000 patients
  • Efficiently checked S3 buckets from single dashboard, saving DevOps team 20 hours annually
  • Prioritized and accelerate remediation with context-rich alerts