LawnStarter gains visibility with automated security from Lacework and AWS

LawnStarter doesn’t have a CISO; Lacework is our security expert, providing software and professionals who can work with our engineers.

Alberto Silveira, Head of Engineering, LawnStarter

LawnStarter collects customer, provider, and payment data, and uses it to determine accurate pricing, ensure quality service, and offer seamless transactions online. As with many startup organizations, LawnStarter’s initial focus was on acquiring and retaining customers and building for the future — with security as an afterthought.


LawnStarter lacked visibility into its cloud infrastructure. There were no mechanisms in place to identify non-compliant resources, vulnerabilities, or anomalies. LawnStarter also had a lean security team with limited knowledge of how cloud infrastructure was created and maintained efficiently.


The Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform provides LawnStarter with progressive layers of protection by embedding security at multiple stages of its software delivery lifecycle — from build to production. For development teams, embedded and automated security means they can accelerate development cycles with confidence.


  • Gained visibility into its cloud infrastructure
  • Gave its security team actionable intelligence
  • Reduced alert volume
  • Identified compliance vulnerabilities that require remediation
  • Encrypted 100% of its production database