Globe Tracker slashes alert noise by over 95% and uses automation to ship goods securely

From alert noise reduction to compliance, Lacework makes configuration very simple although it’s complex in functionality. This is also true for the images and runtime scanning. And the user interface (UI) was very intuitive to use.

Brian Bischoff, Director of Software, Globe Tracker

Globe Tracker specializes in supply chain visibility telematics and sensor data solutions. They empower supply chain stakeholders to make better decisions with their hardware and software offerings, which can monitor the positions and conditions of assets during shipment — all through a single integrated platform.


As a key player in the global shipping industry, Globe Tracker needed a solution that could help them meet business-critical compliance needs. Their developers also sought to address blind spots that result from running in containers and Kubernetes, and looked to simplify their workflow by cutting the signal-to-noise ratio.


Globe Tracker quickly deployed Lacework and performed self-service onboarding with easy integrations, instantly noting an improved signal-to-noise ratio. They appreciated the out-of-the-box compliance reports and the visibility they gained by shifting their security practice left.


  • Reduced alerts by >95%, from 100-150 per day to less than five
  • Increased visibility by shifting left and integrating with CI/CD pipeline
  • Automated compliance assessment process for ISO 27001 and SOC 2