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Boost Your Azure Security with Lacework Solutions

Advanced Microsoft Azure Security with Unrivaled Threat Detection and UEBA

Lacework Automated Cloud Security

Threat Detection, Configuration Compliance, and Continuous Monitoring for Azure and Multicloud Environments

As organizations move critical infrastructure to the cloud — and adopt a multicloud approach – security and visibility become a prime concern. Lacework provides enterprises with a comprehensive, continuous end-to-end Azure security solution that advances configuration support for workloads and accounts running in Microsoft Azure. 

Quickly identify, analyze, and report misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and behavioral anomalies in user and account behavior, with Lacework. Protect assets deployed on Azure, from the initial configuration to everyday operations by:

  • Checking for a series of additional controls specific to Azure resources.
  • Validating that data is not inadvertently exposed to unauthorized users. 
  • Continuously protect every layer of your Azure deployment including accounts, workloads, and Platforms as a Service (PaaS) like Azure SQL 
  • Receiving notification of changes that might trigger a security weakness.

Not Your Average Threat Protection

Lacework monitors all Azure events and configurations, including activities and behaviors of cloud entities, to detect anomalies indicative of misconfigurations, human error, or malicious activity. 

  • Identify escalation of privileges, lateral movement, and misuse of Azure resources early on so that breaches can be stopped quickly.
  • Our intuitive dashboard lists cloud risks and threats, ranks them by severity, and are compatible with common modern ticketing platforms like Slack channel or Jira. We also integrate with PagerDuty to integrate notifications and alerts into your current workflows.

Security and Compliance for any Azure Configuration

Lacework’s Azure Security Platform automatically validates all configurations against the controls established as best practices for securing your cloud environment. Our interactive report delivers insights into “passed or failed” controls with recommendations on how to fix out-of-compliance configuration components. 

A similar report is available for additional security controls specific to Azure resources and Lacework ensures continuous compliance in Azure by auditing your configuration daily and alerting you of any change that represents a degradation in compliance.

Continuous Monitoring Made Simple

As Azure environments continuously adapt to new users, services, and resources, the corresponding security landscape changes in a dynamic way. We make it easy for you to get an accurate assessment of your Azure and multicloud workloads and accounts by providing a single, comprehensive Microsoft Azure security solution that captures, analyzes, and reports on all cloud activity, so you’ll never be left in the dark again. 

The Power of the Polygraph

Our foundation is based on the patent-pending Polygraph technology, a context-rich baseline built from collecting high-fidelity machine, process, and user interactions over time. This technology dynamically develops a behavioral and communication model of your services and infrastructure that understands natural hierarchies (processes, containers, pods, machines, etc.) and aggregates them to develop behavioral models at scale. Together with a behavioral model, the Polygraph is able to monitor your infrastructure for activities that fall outside the model and dynamically update as behaviors change over time.

Using this information, the Polygraph detects anomalies and generates high-fidelity alerts appropriate to your unique environment. Polygraph maps the truth of your cloud instance and helps users quickly visualize the ‘who, what, where, and how far’ of an event. With Polygraph, teams can speed investigation and triage issues more effectively saving organizations time and money.

Lacework Polygraph uses deviation from a temporal baseline to detect deviations or changes in the behavior resulting in meaningful alerts. Alerts are either due to a desired change, misconfiguration, or malicious activity. The Lacework Polygraph then scores the alerts based on severity and threat.

Lacework Polygraph breach detection is more precise and accurate because of key technology innovations:

  • Capturing behavior at process/container-level
  • Separating interactive and non-interactive traffic
  • Alert generation at the analysis group-level
  • Advanced deductive analysis that does not rely on heuristics

Azure Security

What Makes Our Azure Security Solution a No-brainer 

Lacework provides comprehensive, continuous end-to-end security and configuration support for workloads and accounts running in Microsoft Azure. For all Azure events and configurations, Lacework monitors activities and behaviors of cloud entities beyond network traffic to detect anomalies indicative of a misconfiguration, a human error, malicious activity or a threat. Lacework enables security and development teams to identify escalation of privileges, lateral movement, misuse of Azure resources early on so that breaches can be stopped early.

1.) Clear & Easy

Our quick and simple installation provides interactive data on individual violations with explicit instructions on how to fix each issue and comes with customizable reports and alerts. And we provide a wicked fast time-to-value.

2.) Continuous Auditing

Our daily re-audits notifies you when changes impact your security in Azure accounts. Continuous usage monitoring alerts you of anomalous behaviors and activities –without manual rules or policy development.

3.) Integrated with Azure Services

Integration across Azure services ensures the most complete visibility into Azure configuration. Get exceptional visualizations, search by service, and other investigative tools focused on Azure account security.

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Workload Security

Want to go beyond user and entity activities? Lacework’s lightweight agents collect and send data to Lacework’s backend in the cloud where this data is aggregated, and a baseline of the activity in the cloud environment is created. The automated method of detecting undesired activity in cloud and container workloads provides great benefits over traditional rule writing.

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Container Security

Lacework is fully container-aware and monitors all container activities regardless of the container distribution you rely on (Docker and/or Kubernetes). Any malicious activity in a containerized environment will generate an anomaly at one layer or another – Lacework’s threat detection and behavioral analysis identify anomalous activities across your cloud and containers so issues can be remediated before any damage is done.

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Brilliant DevOps and Security Minds Usually Have These Questions:

Lacework is a multi-cloud security SaaS platform that provides automated, end-to-end visibility and threat detection for securing Microsoft Azure. Our approach simplifies configuration and speeds deployment with a faster time to value.

Lacework’s Azure security platform performs a series of checks against every Azure security group looking for misconfigurations. And we let you know when we find them.

Lacework checks Azure storage configurations for several different variants of permissions that can risk data exposed and alerts you about any Azure security issues we detect in your environment.

Yes, Lacework supports Azure activity log ingestion. Lacework uses these logs to alert you of suspicious behavior within your infrastructure.