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Cloud security is fundamentally a data problem. If your current rules-driven cloud security solution can’t scale, then discover how you can automate security and compliance across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and private clouds with Lacework. We help you:

  • Investigate threats 80% faster
  • Consolidate your security tools
  • Eliminate false positives by 95%

Lacework helped us deal with this firehose of information that we were getting out of our cloud environments, almost out of the gate. We were able to go from a couple of hundred alerts a day down to just a handful. I’m talking less than 5 — so to go from 200 to 5 is a massive jump.

John Turner
Senior Security Architect

Lacework enables us to easily scale our cloud security with an anomaly-based host intrusion detection system that operates at the host-level.

Avinash Raju
Principle Security Engineer

The effort-to-payoff ratio for deploying Lacework was fantastic. I’ve never had an easier to install product.

Bren Briggs
VP of DevOps and Cybersecurity

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