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Solve M&A Cloud Security Challenges

Strategic merger and acquisition (M&A) is an effective way to grow a business rapidly. However, oftentimes “cyber risk” is not adequately assessed during the due diligence phase. Cybersecurity and cloud security become significant M&A risks.

A data-first, unified cloud security platform shifts that dynamic in two ways. First, it provides deep visibility across different cloud environments and resources. And second, it can quickly deliver cyber risk insights at several critical stages of the M&A process.

Understanding Cyber Security Risks at Every Stage of the M&A Process

Expedite an M&A and reduce longer-term integration and security costs in these ways:

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The cloud security platform provides visibility into complex cloud environments through a single, unified interface with minimal setup or endless configuration. The Lacework platform enables companies to demonstrate their security posture and answer audit questions up to 300 times faster than with first-generation cloud security posture management tools.

Lacework helps organizations assess cloud environments by:

  • Clearly providing insights into the security posture and existing vulnerabilities across cloud environments, containers, and workloads
  • Quickly identifying misconfigurations and other flaws that can allow attackers to breach cloud defenses
  • Continuously monitoring technical controls and compliance measures in the cloud


During due diligence, the cloud security platform looks deeply across a target company’s entire cloud infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and better understand the environment for purposes of scoping subsequent integration.

Lacework assists organizations by:

  • Providing deep visibility into cloud activity, including user and API activity
  • Tracking cloud activity over time, including anomalies and suspicious activity
  • Vulnerability monitoring helps keep the focus on risks that matter

Post-Acquisition and Integration

When the M&A transaction is complete, the platform’s cloud visibility expedites the process of identifying, integrating, and consolidating technologies, and it manages controls to conform to the buyer’s compliance mandates. This is especially powerful when merging companies with different regional and regulatory compliance requirements.

The Lacework cloud security platform provides companies with:

  • A simple to install solution that deploys in hours and provides immediate value and visibility across clouds, containers, and workloads
  • The ability to incorporate new clouds in an instant across AWS, GCP, and Azure applying the same visibility and monitoring capabilities right away
  • A comprehensive cloud security and compliance platform that helps address misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and continuous monitoring

Post-Integration and Security Operations

A robust unified cloud security platform improves security management efficiencies and lowers operational investment in several ways. It applies machine learning analytics to all cloud activity, including workloads and containers across the environment, which vastly reduces the amount of data processed by the SIEM. This helps cut tool costs up to 35% through security tool consolidation, reduces false positives, and provides high fidelity alert data that shrinks time spent on investigation and research by up to 90%. It also streamlines compliance reporting through continuous monitoring, continuous configuration compliance, and push-button reports.

Lacework delivers:

  • Comprehensive cloud security that effortlessly scales with your cloud as your business grows
  • Streamlined compliance through continuous monitoring, continuous configuration compliance, and push-button reports
  • Operational efficiencies through high-fidelity, high-efficacy alerts delivered with context

Point Solutions and the Rise of Cost, Complexity, and False Alarms

Does your organization have one too many security tools? According to a recent survey by Dimension Research, 98% of organizations manage their security products with multiple consoles, creating visibility silos while 69% agree that prioritizing vendor consolidation would lead to better security. A typical security stack utilizes 25 security tools or more. Although each security tool fulfills a specific and important use case and promises to detect new threat vectors, this “tool sprawl” actually ends up leaving organizations more vulnerable. Here’s why:

  • Understanding what is important is difficult when investigating multiple alerts from dozens of security tools
  • Integrating multiple tools is time consuming and rarely works out as intended—plus it adds complexity when building automated CI/CD processes
  • Learning and maintaining multiple tools causes drain and friction on already stretched security teams
  • Managing unknown and ever-increasing budgets resulting from multiple vendors leads to difficulting budgeting
  • Layering tools in a complex security environment can lead to hidden gaps in coverage that leave an organization vulnerable to attack

The average organization runs between 25 to 49 security tools from up to 10 different vendors. Read the report from ESG Global

Tame the Complexity with a Modern Platform Approach

Many organizations are breaking away from this cobbled together and outdated method, and are turning to Lacework for a modern cloud security platform approach. With Lacework, customers can replace up to nine security point tools and unleash new levels of visibility, cost savings, and unprecedented operational efficiencies.

  • Consolidate outdated, noisy and expensive point solutions with the Lacework Cloud Security Platform
  • Leverage one platform to achieve multiple use cases: vulnerability detection, intrusion detection, container security, file integrity monitoring, log analysis, compliance, and more
  • Rely on a single pane of glass user interface to stop threats to your cloud from multiple vectors
  • Get up and running in minutes, hassle-free, with read-only access from our side

Looking to ease your compliance efforts? Lacework easily allows you to track (from a single console) against industry standards and compliance mandates like: PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, CCPA, GDPR, and more.

On average, Lacework customers consolidate 4 legacy security tools

Eliminate Blind Spots and Quickly Respond to Threats

Leveraging multiple tools inevitably leads to blind spots. The flood of alerts point tools produce makes it impossible to investigate them all. Most tools require complex sets of rules, policies, and suppressions to reduce alert noise and false positives allowing the true threats to go undetected. With Lacework, you gain complete visibility into all of your cloud assets, understand what vulnerabilities actually leave you vulnerable, and detect the behaviors that are unusual and threatening to your specific environment.

  • Reduce hundreds of security alerts to fewer than five per day
  • Gain new levels of visibility across your entire cloud environment (single cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid)
  • Recognize the real threats and vulnerabilities that leave you susceptible to attack
  • Leverage behavior-based anomaly detection and eliminate the need to write and maintain rules and suppressions across multiple tools
  • Quickly investigate the why, what, and when of anomalous security events so you can efficiently and effectively respond

Lacework is always on top of the latest threats, so you don’t have to be. We cull hundreds of vulnerabilities, malware, public security flaws, and exploits, and couple them with threat intelligence and cutting edge research, to provide you always up-to-date, always-on, cloud coverage.

Drive Cost Savings and Unlock Revenue

Consolidating multiple tools and turning to the Lacework platform has significant financial benefit in both cost savings and revenue opportunities. Throughout the buying process, customers work with our value realization team to determine the financial impact your organization will realize. Our customers regularly find that they save hundreds of thousands of dollars in tool consolidation costs per year. Plus, consolidating multiple contracts to a single vendor provides economies of scale and simplifies your contracting and procurement processes.

Lacework customers regularly realize between $200,000 – $500,000 per year in tool consolidation savings

Security That Supports Speed and Continuous Innovation

Lacework is a complete, modern security platform that has been designed specifically to meet the challenges of public cloud environments in both build-time and run-time operations. Our customers take advantage of a security-first model that enables continuous visibility, automation, and the ability to move fast. With Lacework, developers can build securely and ship code quickly to unlock business innovation and growth.

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