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Detecting subtle threats in constantly changing cloud and containerized environments is hard—you have to distill raw data into activities while it’s constantly changing, but also understand the relationships between those entities, and then actually use that knowledge to your advantage. 

Luckily, Lacework takes care of all this seamlessly, eliminating the burden of manual security rule writing and noisy false positives. The Lacework Platform is SaaS-based, so there is no infrastructure for you to run or manage. The most innovative cloud-first companies are making the switch to Lacework. Why? Simple:

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Lacework vs Threat Stack


“Coming from Threat Stack, our team was pleased by not only the major improvement Lacework had overall, but how proactive they were in their overall improvements of their product. They’re very much ahead of the game when it comes to new features while being attentive to their customers.”





The Lacework Platform




What a Cloud Security Alert Should Look Like


Static rules applied to constant cloud changes only result in an undue amount of noise and unavoidable manual labor (even if you attempt to sprinkle professional services and ML fairy dust over a rules engine).


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