Lacework vs. Sysdig
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Sysdig deployment and maintenance can be a pain. Lacework is easy to operationalize, so your team can focus on high-value tasks.

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The cloud security platform that gives you time back

Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform
A single platform for full build time and runtime protection Consolidating to a single interconnected platform provides the context needed for faster decision making while reducing overall spend
Correlates build time and runtime data for full cloud visibility and protection from a single platform
To better prioritize container risk, Sysdig requires partnership with other vendors like Snyk
Cloud-native architecture A cloud-native architecture allows for easy and limitless scaling to meet the needs of your growing (or shrinking) cloud environment
Built in the cloud, for the cloud
Sysdig is seemingly designed for on-premise, which can result in scaling inefficiencies for constantly changing cloud environments
Behavior-based threat detection, rules optional Identify suspicious behavior in your cloud, without the manual effort of rule writing
Builds a baseline for cloud activity, then flags anomalies
A purely rules-based approach, with extensive tuning and customization required to operationalize1
Rapid time-to-situational awareness Cut through the cloud noise to identify issues fast
Rules-optional anomaly detection reduces the overall amount of alerts and false positives
Amount of false positives inhibits cloud visibility and could require additional headcount for tuning
Agentless attack path analysis Attack path analysis capabilities that speed alert triage and response
Attack path visualizations contextualize cloud breach path exposures
No agentless deployment functionality as of March 2023
Custom vulnerability scoring Reduce vulnerability noise with a custom risk score
Gaps in visibility and does not prioritize based on unique cloud environments
Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) Prioritize identity risks, while detecting identity-based attacks
Lacework surfaces your riskiest cloud identities, while using anomaly detection to pinpoint identity-based threats
Sysdig lacks ML-driven anomaly detection, relying on rulesets to determine identity risk

Lightweight, stable agent A lightweight agent that doesn’t disrupt business operations
Stable agent that supports nearly 20 different environments
An agent that doesn’t self-update and requires high CPU, which can create unnecessary disruption in cloud environment2


Customers love Lacework

3 reasons why customers choose
Lacework over Sysdig

Required rules need not apply

Security solutions should help your teams do more with less. Rules are optional with Lacework. This means less maintenance and more impact.

Work smarter with actionable data visualizations

Lacework automatically creates rich visualizations like attack paths to help you prioritize risk in your cloud environment.

Cloud secure from day one

Deployment doesn’t have to be complicated. With flexible deployment methods, you can start seeing value from Lacework on day one.

Make everything you build cloud secure

Stop costly mistakes at the source

Fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they hit production. Add security checks early in development, including infrastructure as code (IaC) scanning. Empower developers to scan locally, in registries, and CI/CD while building, at scale.

Develop code with security built in

Prioritize your most exploitable risks

Tie together risk factors — vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, network reachability, secrets, and more — to see how attackers can compromise your cloud. Automatically connect with insights into what’s happening in runtime to prioritize critical risks, investigate faster, and even see suggestions for remediation.

Shine a light on what’s running

Know your cloud and its weak spots

Deploy agentlessly to understand cloud risks in minutes. Get instant visibility into what’s deployed, how it’s configured, and pinpoint vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. We scan everything – workloads, container images, hosts, and language libraries – so no secret can hide.

Uncover cloud account compromise

Our patented Polygraph® technology continuously learns your normal to root out suspicious and unusual behavior. Data-driven monitoring reveals compromise and the resulting blast radius. Rich context helps you quickly understand what happened, how, and where to fix it. Our patented approach not only automates threat detection, but can also significantly reduce your SIEM ingest costs too.

Find threats known and unknown

Continuously protect critical applications and environments with our workload and container security agent. Find new risks lurking in production and understand changes in behavior. Our data-driven approach connects the dots to detect known and unknown threats – even zero day attacks. And do it all automatically without endless rule writing and deep security expertise required.

Fewer tools. Faster outcomes. Better security.


See value in less than 1 week

2 – 5

Average tools replaced


Reduction in alerts

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