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Are you spending too many hours discovering, triaging, and patching a countless stream of cloud vulnerabilities? If you’re currently leaning on a traditional security vendor (like Qualys, Tenable or Rapid7), knowing exactly where to spend your time isn’t always clear.

Ephemeral and immutable compute have changed the economics and velocity of building software, and traditional security approaches have failed to keep up. This includes deciphering which of the millions of known vulnerabilities actually pose a risk to the hundreds of software packages running on thousands of hosts and containers scaling in the cloud (hint: this is a really, really big number).

Luckily, Lacework builds for the cloud generation, and has distilled self-service vulnerability prevention at scale, so that you can know exactly what to fix in just 3 clicks (seriously, just 3).

The most innovative cloud-first companies are realizing this, and are making the switch to Lacework. Why? Simple:

  • 98% fewer false positives
  • 90% reduction in investigation & research time
  • 2-4 outdated tools consolidated
  • One consolidated platform that scales with your cloud needs

Lacework  Vs. Legacy Host Vulnerability Tools

Lacework vs Host Vulnerability

“It is estimated that 24% of organizations have hosts missing high-severity patches in the public cloud, and the problem could be much worse for larger enterprises.”





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