Lacework vs. Aqua Security
Don’t sacrifice speed for security

Lacework can painlessly operationalize security. Aqua’s complex deployment and maintenance can bring innovation to a screeching halt.

See the difference

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High impact cloud security from day one

Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform
Aqua Security
A single platform (CNAPP) to promote operational efficiencies A natively integrated cloud platform that promotes rapid investigations
Aqua uses a complex deployment and maintenance model for on-premise and SaaS, decreasing operational efficiency.*
Behavior-based threat detection without painful rules Identify suspicious behavior in your cloud, without the manual effort of writing rules
Aqua’s machine learning is dependent upon rule writing for known attack sequences, which misses unknown threats.
Attack path analysis functionality to speed alert triage and response Agentless deployment functionality contextualizes cloud breach path exposures
Aqua offers partial attack path analysis, with no concept of “crown jewels” to help prioritize security issues.
Custom vulnerability scoring Reduce vulnerability noise with a custom risk score to focus on the vulnerabilities that matter most
Aqua doesn’t have visibility into active packages and can’t prioritize vulnerabilities based on custom cloud environments.
Cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) Find and prioritize identity risks and quickly pinpoint identity-based attacks
Lacework prioritizes identity risks and uses anomaly detection to find and analyze behavioral threats.
Aqua doesn’t offer CIEM capabilities.*
A lightweight agent that doesn’t disrupt business operations
Aqua offers limited agent management capabilities. Aqua customers cite agent complexities and a lack of automated updating / configuration.

* As of June 2023

Customers love Lacework

3 reasons why customers choose
Lacework over Aqua

The Lacework platform is easy to operationalize.

From simple pricing to seamless deployment, Lacework customers see value fast. Aqua’s complex licensing and maintenance model makes it harder to achieve operational efficiency.

Lacework turns security into an innovation enabler.

Lacework helps security keep pace with development through shift-left capabilities and context-rich alerts. With Aqua, slow platform deployment and time-consuming investigations can delay the shipment of new products.

Lacework paves the way for high impact work.

Lacework ensures that any time spent fixing vulnerabilities is time well spent. With active vulnerability detection, Lacework determines which vulnerable components are actively running and considers this factor (among others) when prioritizing risk.

Make everything you build cloud secure

Stop costly mistakes at the source

Fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they hit production. Add security checks early in development, including infrastructure as code (IaC) scanning. Empower developers to scan locally, in registries, and CI/CD while building, at scale.

Develop code with security built in

Prioritize your most exploitable risks

Tie together risk factors — vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, network reachability, secrets, and more — to see how attackers can compromise your cloud. Automatically connect with insights into what’s happening in runtime to prioritize critical risks, investigate faster, and even see suggestions for remediation.

Shine a light on what’s running

Know your cloud and its weak spots

Deploy agentlessly to understand cloud risks in minutes. Get instant visibility into what’s deployed, how it’s configured, and pinpoint vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. We scan everything – workloads, container images, hosts, and language libraries – so no secret can hide.

Uncover cloud account compromise

Our patented Polygraph® technology continuously learns your normal to root out suspicious and unusual behavior. Data-driven monitoring reveals compromise and the resulting blast radius. Rich context helps you quickly understand what happened, how, and where to fix it. Our patented approach not only automates threat detection, but can also significantly reduce your SIEM ingest costs too.

Find threats known and unknown

Continuously protect critical applications and environments with our workload and container security agent. Find new risks lurking in production and understand changes in behavior. Our data-driven approach connects the dots to detect known and unknown threats – even zero day attacks. And do it all automatically without endless rule writing and deep security expertise required.

Fewer tools. Faster outcomes. Better security.


See value in less than 1 week

2 – 5

Average tools replaced


Reduction in alerts

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