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Get 20/20 Vision Into Your Cloud Environment


If you can see it, you can secure it.

Get 20/20 vision into your multicloud environment.


Here at Lacework, we think visibility rocks. Along with providing comprehensive, continuous end-to-end security and configuration support for workloads and accounts, we deliver rockin’ visibility into your multicloud and containerized environments. Read on to see:

  • Why having process-to-process visibility is a critical factor in having strong, effective security built into any cloud environment
  • How to break through visibility limitations imposed by either the cloud security provider, or your own solution architecture
  • Why containerized environments that are inherently secure can architecturally limit visibility
  • How limitations on visibility can leave your environment open to certain kinds of attacks
  • Why gaining visibility into the operational data you need is often underestimated when organizations deploy to the public cloud

Lacework delivers unprecedented visibility into everything that’s running in your cloud, all in one place.

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Lacework wants to give you a clearer picture of your cloud environment. Schedule a demo to learn how Lacework can significantly enhance your public cloud security and compliance.

During the demo we’ll cover why:

  • Visibility is critical for workload threat defense
  • Legacy security solutions are unequipped to handle new threat vectors
  • Threat detection must provided greater visibility an context  when it comes to securing agile runtime environments
  • It is critical to have visibility and emphasis on events happening at runtime

What we’re hearing

“I’m extremely happy with Lacework. I sleep better at night knowing we have full visibility into our cloud operations. It was the one tool that checked all my security boxes.”

Devin Ertel | Guidebook

Visibility, automation, speed… and security

Modern threats targeting public clouds (PaaS or IaaS platforms) demand a different level of insight and action. They operate differently than traditional datacenters: executables come and go instantaneously, network addresses and ports are recycled seemingly at random, and even the fundamental ways traffic flows have changed.

To operate successfully in modern IT infrastructures, you have to reset how you think about security in the cloud, and use a solution that:

  • Automates security & compliance for AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Supports Kubernetes and container security
  • Uses host-level security
  • Automates FIM to satisfy compliance requirements

Ready for deep visibility into your cloud’s compliance configurations, workload accounts, and container orchestration?